Ablative VI

Ablative V
Type Shield Upgrade
Effect Provides +10% Shields, +10% Barriers, or +10% Armor as appropriate
Cost 2,500/5,000/7,500/10,000 Palladium or 90,000 Credits (75,000 with discount)

Ablative VI is a Shield Upgrade in Mass Effect 2. Ablative VI provides +10% Shields, +10% Barriers, or +10% Armor as appropriate. When an Armor Upgrade is obtained, it's automatically integrated into the appropriate Armor. Obtain Armor Upgrades in stores and by scanning items on Missions.


This comprehensive system upgrade offers improved protection for all squad members, regardless of team members' individual defensive strategies.


Ablative VI Information

Upgrade Levels: 1 to 6

Upgrades: Damage Protection


  • Provides +10% Shields, +10% Barriers, or +10% Armor as appropriate


How to Acquire Ablative VI

1 2,500 Platinum Can be found in a destroyed mech right after freeing Jack during Dossier: The Convict 
2 5,000 Platinum Can be found at Collector Ship Mission before encountering Collectors
3 7,500 Platinum Side Mission – N7: Anomalous Weather Detected
4 10,000 Platinum Can be found on Vasir's crashed car during Lair of the Shadow Broker Mission (DLC
5 90,000 Credits Can be bought at Illium: Gateway Personal Defense Store. Only available after completing the Collector Ship mission
6 90,000 Credits Can be bought at Citadel: Saronis Applications Store




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