Argus Scanner Array

Argus Scanner Array
Type Normandy SR-2 Upgrade
Effect Upgrades Normandy Mineral Scanner
Cost 15,000 Iridium

Argus Scanner Array is a Normandy SR-2 Upgrade in Mass Effect 2. Argus Scanner Array upgrades Normandy Mineral Scanner. Normandy SR-2 Upgrades are single-use items that are immediately applied when they are researched or purchased from vendors.


The Ayndroid Group's proprietary Argus Planet Scan Technology has been integrated into the ship's systems. This will greatly speed up the planet-scanning process.


Argus Scanner Array Information

Upgrade Levels1

Upgrades: Advanced Mineral Scanner


  • Upgrades Normandy Mineral Scanner


How to Acquire Argus Scanner Array

Can be unlocking by asking Miranda about Normandy Upgrades (using "Investigate").


Notes and tips

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