Armor Upgrades in Mass Effect 2 are modular technological improvements integrated into any Armor. When an Armor Upgrade is obtained, it's automatically integrated into the appropriate Armor. Obtain Armor Upgrades in stores and by scanning items on Missions.

When you purchase a research project, you must pay the specified amount of rare resources. You then gain the upgrade described in the research project, and the upgrade moves to the "Upgrade" section of the research Terminal



All Armor Upgrades In Mass Effect 2

Upgrade Lvl
Research Cost

Skeletal Lattice
Melee Defense Boost Cybernetic Upgrades Shepard takes -50% Damage to health from melee attacks. 1 25,000 Palladium Unlocked after 2 Lattice Shunting upgrades.

Microfiber Weave
Melee Attack Bost Cybernetic Upgrades Shepard does +25% Melee damage. 1 15,000 Palladium Unlocked after 3 Lattice Shunting upgrades

Lattice Shunting
Health Increase Cybernetic Upgrades Shepard gains +10% Health per upgrade 1 to 7 2,500/5,000/7,500/10,000/12,500 Palladium or 90,000 Credits (75,000 with Discount) The 6th Lattice Shunting Upgrade requires the Overlord DLC pack.
he 7th Lattice Shunting Upgrade requires the Arrival DLC pack.

Shield Harmonics
Emergency Shielding Medical Upgrades Unity restores squad member shields to full strength. 1 25,000 Platinum Unlocked after 3 Microscanner upgrades.

Medi-Gel Capacity Medical Upgrades +1 Medi-gel capacity. 1 to 6 2,500/5,000/7,500/10,000 Platinum or 30,000 Credits (25,000 with discount) The 6th Microscanner Upgrade requires the Arrival DLC pack.

Medical VI
Trauma Module Medical Upgrades Unity heals your squad to full health. 1 15,000 Platinum Unlocked after 2 Microscanner upgrades.

Ablative VI
Damage Protection Shield Upgrades Provides +10% Shields, +10% Barriers, or +10% Armor as appropriate 1 to 6 2,500/5,000/7,500/10,000 Palladium or 90,000 Credits (75,000 with discount) N/A

Nanocrystal Shield
Hard Shields Shield Upgrades -20% Damage to Shepard's shields. 1 25,000 Palladium Unlocked after 3 Ablative VI upgrades.

Burst Regeneration
Redundant Field Generator Shield Upgrades Increased chance of Shepard's shields fully restoring instantly when depleted. 1 15,000 Palladium Unlocked after 2 Ablative VI upgrades.




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