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Experience Points
x1500 Element Zero
x1500 Palladium
x2000 Iridium
Heavy Weapon Ammo
Medi-Gel Capacity
Heavy Skin Weave

Arrival (Assignment) is an Assignment in Mass Effect 2. Arrival (Assignment) is is about rescuing Dr. Amanda Kenson. A deep-cover operative that claims to have proof of an imminent Reaper invasion. Assignments are secondary quests in Mass Effect 2, that are not mandatory to progress the game's story, but provide context and flavor by meeting interesting NPCs of all kind of Races, granting additional experience, and letting the player visit extraordinary and unique planets.


Arrival (Assignment) Walkthrough

Getting Ready

You will be on your own for the majority of this Assignment. Try to prioritize bonuses to shields and health, especially on higher difficulties.

Most of the Enemies you will be facing are shielded organics. Energy Drain and Reave are good choices as Bonus Powers.


After accessing your terminal, you will hear the first part of the message, in which Admiral Hackett states that he has a sensitive matter to discuss privately. You tell Kelly Chambers that the message will be viewed in the captain's cabin.

While you are inside the captain's cabin, you play out the message. He comments that the Alliance has a deep cover operative in Batarian space. Her name is Dr. Amanda Kenson, who found evidence of an imminent Reaper invasion. He states that he contacted you because he learned that Kenson was arrested this morning and is being held on terrorist charges in a Batarian prison. Now you can ask him about the operation:

If you ask about the charges, you will ask what she is really doing out there. Hackett says she's a deep cover agent but they only talk when they need to. He confirms she was investigating a rumor of a Reaper artifact in the system and that her last report said she finally found it. You can also ask about why going alone if you have a squad of powerful Companions to aid you in battle, but Admiral Hackett states that if the Batarians see a squad of armed soldiers, they will undoubtedly kill Amanda Kenson.

Once you finish talking to him, Admiral Hackett will tell you that Kenson is being held underground at a Batarian outpost on the planet Aratotht. He gives you the coordinates immediately.

You will find Aratoht in the Bahak within the Viper Nebula. The shuttle will drop you off. You will see a door, when you interact with it the prison's VI tells you don't have access and prompt you to please enter an access code. There is a power relay next to the door, that allows you to open the door. Head down the hallway and you will eventually reach a hole in the floor. You can pick up Iridium from past the gap in the bars behind you. Now activate the bridge control, but it won't work so head down the ramp to your left. 

At the bottom, you will encounter a Batarian War Beast, a trained Varren, so take it out as soon as you see it. After it is dealt with, you will say that this must be where the Batarians send prisoners to die. Activating the controls here, does activate the bridge, so return up, and head across it. You now can decide to approach the rescue in two different ways, if you decide to sneak in, moving silently and using stealth or on the other hand, take the Assignment as a one-man-army type of work. Both path lead to the same place and are slightly similar.

Sneaky Route

If you decide to take this route to rescue Dr. Kenson. you can earn the "Covert Action" Achievement/Trophy. If you engage any Batarian you won't be able to earn it. Even firing a shot or activating a Power near a Batarian, can void you from earning this accolade.

You will notice more dead Varren all over the place. Keep moving until you reach a side room and then up the ramps at the end of the hallway. When you reach the top, you will find another power Relay and another War Beast. Take down the beast before dealing with the power relay. Once you cut the power here it will disable some security lasers, but not all of them.

Head down the hallway to the left, and as you round the corner, you will see a door close and Amanda Kenson being led into an interrogation chamber. Don't cross the security beams because it will activate the prison's security system and if you are going for the Covert Action Achievement/trophy, this will make you lose it. 

Eventually, you will reach a dead end, turn right and shoot the explosive hanging under the pipe. This will cause a small explosion and the venting gas to ignite. If you use the Geth Plasma Shotgun, for some reason, it won't damage the explosive, so use another Weapon.

Use the valve to diver the gas so you can continue. Head through the now open section and you will have two options now: Head straight or head left.

Go straight first. You have to activate both gas valves to redirect the flow. Investigate the room to obtain a locker that nets you credits, a personal log and a Heavy Weapon Ammo. Once you picked up these up, head back up and redirect the gas again by turning both valves and then head up the ramp. When you get near the top, you will hear someone or something readying Weapons.

Enter the next room, and head up the ramps. You will hear two Prison Guards talking. Head through the door and stay in cover. You will see two guards to your left. They are talking about how interrogating a human is such a waste of time. Remember, don't fire the Batarians. Just make your way around the small passageway behind the truck, and disable the security beams in the gap leading to the platform above.

After you manage to deactivate the beams, climb onto the truck, from there to the platform and make your way into the structure. There is a locker inside that nets you x400 Credits. Don't open the door at the bottom of the stairs. Stay on the second floor for now, and head to your right. You will reach a T-junction, take the left path to pick up some Iridium. You will see another door, don't open it! Once you have the Iridium, go back all the way back and head down the other path, and move down and back up the stairs. 

Once inside the next structure, you will hear a guard talking about how relays can't be destroyed- A second guard will say that Humans will do anything to them, so the first one replies that they need to make an example of Amanda Kenson. Keep to the walls to avoid detection. You will eventually reach an open door, again, don't enter or you will attract the attention of the guards. Head slowly down the catwalk and into the hangar.

As you enter the hangar, you will hear an announcement about an incoming shuttle and the need to clear the hangar. Although the people in the shuttle can't see you, don't cross in front of the large windows because that will attract the attention of the guards in the previous room. Head to the door on the left, this leads you to the storage bay. Inside you will hear a guard talking.

In the next room, use the crane controls to clear your path, but don't go down yet. Move over to the crane controls and activate the center button, then the left one to bring the crane over a crate. Activate the right switch to lower the crane, and then reactivate it again to lift the container up. Head down to where the container was and you will obtain x1200 Iridium and the Medi-Gel Capacity upgrade. 

Activate the vehicle lift to continue, raise the lift when you get to the bottom as underneath it there will be a med-kit and a PDA worth x1000 Credits. Now head to the door, you will find another locker with Credits, a security log and another power relay. Cut the power, grab the credits and listen to the log before advancing. 

In the next area, you will find an open door to the left with two guards inside the room. You will successfully get past them as long as you don't open the other door in the hallway or fire at them. Once you leave them behind, head down the hallway and enter the interrogation room to rescue Dr. Amanda Kenson.

One-Man army Route

As you continue, you will stumble upon dead Varren all over the place, keep moving on into the side room and up the ramps. When you reach the top, you will find another power relay and another War Beast. Take the beast down and deal with the power relay. Cutting the power here will disable some of the security lasers, but not all of them.

Head down the hallway to your left, and as you round the corner you will see a door close and Amanda Kenson being lead into an interrogation chamber, while telling the guards to get their hand off her. It is also in your best interest to be stealthy as you will encounter less varren and unaware guards.

Don't cross the beams and head down the hallway opposite of them. Eventually, you will reach a dead end, but turn right and shoot the thing hanging under the pipe. This will cause a small explosion, and gas to ignite. If you use the Geth Plasma Shotgun, for some reason, it won't damage the explosive, so use another Weapon.

Turn the valve to divert the gas so you can continue. Head through the now open section and you will have two options, heading straight, and heading left, just deal with the War Beast before you make your decision.

Go straight first, doing this requires that you activate both gas valves to redirect the flow, you can’t just do one, and while this blocks your access left, you can just redirect it again after you investigate the room. Inside is a personal log, a locker with some credits, and a Heavy Weapon Ammo Upgrade. Head back out, redirect the gas again, by turning both valves, and head up the ramp. As you near the top, you’ll hear someone or something readying Weapons.

Head into the next room,  and up the ramps. As you get closer, you will hear two Prison Guards talking about something. 

Keep in cover and to your left are the two guards, still talking and apparently interrogating a human is a waste of time and that it's just easier to kill her. You can either shoot them, or just bypass them, however it is better to just deal with them now. Dealing with them isn't hard, and you have the advantage because they are unaware of you.

When they are down, remember those security beams you saw on the way down the stairs, there is a power relay that will disable them nearby, just remember that crossing them leads to problems. Don’t forget to loot the area as you will find two different credit drops, one in one of the buildings in a locker, the other just past the guards inside a junk pile. Check the other building to obtain some Iridium. When you are done, move on by heading to the back of the area, dropping down and heading up the steps into the next building.

Inside you will hear two more guards talking about how relays can’t be destroyed, the other saying that the Humans will do anything to them, and the first then saying they need to make an example of this one, refering to Amanda Kenson. Keep to the walls for cover, and on the back side of one of the walls, an open door. Take cover and then proceed to take out the two Prison Guards inside. There is a third that you can’t see on the left, so don't think it's over when you have defeated the first two. You can also swing around the door, as the guards have their backs to you and take out the third guard, then deal with the other two. Either way take them down,  grab the credits, listen to the log and keep moving.

When you enter the hangar, there’s a shuttle incoming and the announcement asks that the hangar be cleared. Don’t worry they can’t see you, so head through the door on your left. Inside the next room, activate the crane controls to clear your path but don't go down yet.

Activate the left switch to move the crane to the left. Then activate the right switch to lower the crane. Reactivate the right switch again to lift up the container. Then, head down to where the container was and you'll get an item and the Medi-Gel Capacity Upgrade hidden. Now activate the vehicle lift to continue.

When you reach the bottom, raise the lift and under it you will find a med-kit and a PDA worth some credits. When you have them, head to the door and inside is another locker with credits, a security log, and finally another power relay. Cut the power, grab the credits and listen to the log before moving on.

As you proceed down the hall, you will find an open door on your left with two Prison Guards inside. There is a closed door a little further down, but take advantage of the open one to get a few shots in. They will try to run out the open door, so be ready for that. Inside is another security log, and you have a chance to listen to the interrogation. Amanda Kenson says that they are just wasting time and that the Reapers are coming, while the interrogator isn’t convinced and while torturing Kenson won’t change that, it will amuse him. Time to put a stop to this, so head around the corner and put an end to it.

Whichever path you have chosen previously, once you enter the room, you are treated to a cutscene that shows a interrogator putting a device on her head and is about to activate it but you arrive and knock him out with a punch. You present yourself to Amanda Kenson and relieve her of her strains. She tells you that if you find a console, she can hack security and make both of you an escape path. Then the alarms go off and a guard will be shown walking down the hallway, heading to the interrogation room. 

Once you regain control, you add Amanda Kenson to your team. She can use Overload and Incinerate, but note that you won't be able to access the squad menu to inspect or change her Powers. This is what you get.

Take out the guard and grab the credits from the interrogation room, head down the stairs and on the landing, you will find a med-kit and some useful thermal clips. Head down the stairs and through the door. You will find more resistance inside, so take cover and deal with them.

Once the first group of three Batarians is gone, move up  but stick to cover because this is not over yet. A window will open ahead of you from where two more Prison Guards this time escorted by an Elite Prison Guard make their entrance. The elite has stronger shields and has access to Tech Armor. When all the guards are dealth with, head to the console they were guarding and Amanda Kenson will begin to override the system.

She will tell you to protect her while she hacks a way out. So you will be on your own again. In the bottom-right corner of the screen, her health bar will be displayed. If it is depleted, the Assignment ends in a critical failure. 

Three Prison Guards will come from the left. They will charge towards Amanda, and won't stick to cover that much. Deal with them as fast as possible to prevent them from reaching the doctor. Once they are down, she will say that the door needs to be closed, so get to it before another group appears.

A second wave will arrive and should take cover the behind the table. If you kill any of the Enemies, a replacement will arrive, so you can whittle their health down to critical levels before attempting to close the door. 

When the door is finally closed, Amanda will say they are now coming up from the other side, so head there. This groups comes up via an elevator and is composed of two Prison Guards and an Elite Prison Guard. This group tends to take cover to fight you. During the fight two more Prison Guards will join the fight. When the group is finally taken out, Amanda Kenson states that she is taking down their orbital tracking network but more guards are coming from the other side. So get back and into cover.

This new group will also stick to cover, like the previous one. After a certain period of time, a Prison Guard and an Elite Prison Guard will join the fight. Near the end of the fight Amanda will say that there's an elevator that leads up to the hangar, and she'll bring it down. 


How to unlock Arrival (Assignment)


Enemies found on Arrival (Assignment)

Arrival (Assignment) Rewards


Arrival (Assignment) Notes & Tips

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