Captain Wasea

Health Moderate
Armor High
Barrier High
Related Mission Dossier: The Justicar
Location Illium

Captain Wasea is a Boss in Mass Effect 2. Captain Wasea is a special enemy that may require special tactics and strategy to be defeated. Captain Wasea will be encountered on the following Missions: Dossier: The Justicar. Bosses in Mass Effect 2 have larger health pools and can deliver devastating attacks.


Captain Wasea Information

Captain Wasea is a captain and a commando of Eclipse on Illium. Captain Wasea is as hard to kill as an average Eclipse Commando, but she has a few special attacks.


Captain Wasea Stats

  • Health: Moderate
  • Armor: High
  • Barrier: High


How to beat Captain Wasea

Captain Wasea Boss Guide:

Captain Wasea will be surrounded by Sisterhood Initiates, and they are all equipped with M-300 Claymore. She is not very tough, she's similar to a common Eclipse Commando.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Throw biotic-enhancing toxin. Eventually in the battle she will oftenly throw toxic canisters at you, it's easy to prevent because she telekinetically lifts them softly before throwing them, giving you time to predict the attack and take cover. So always be aware of surroundings. (In lower difficulties it's possible to kill Captain Wasea before she starts throwing toxic canisters at you if you kill her quickly enough)


Captain Wasea Related Mission:


Captain Wasea Location

Captain Wasea can be found at:


Notes & Tips

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