Citadel Souvenirs

Location Citadel

Citadel Souvenirs is a Shop in Mass Effect 2. Citadel Souvenirs can be found at Citadel and is serviced by Deleia Sanassi. Citadel Souvenirs offers offers a variety of Collectables. Shops on galactic hub worlds are an excellent way of acquiring Upgrades.


Citadel Souvenirs Information

  • Offers a variety of Collectables
  • Discounts can be obtained after persuading the owner or when Shepard's Spectre status is restored,


Where to find Citadel Souvenirs

  • Can be found at: Citadel Zakera Ward's Mid-Wards District, on the 27th level.


Citadel Souvenirs Services

SSV Normandy Model Ship
500 - 416
Destiny Ascension Model Ship

500 - 416

Sovereign Model Ship

500 - 416

Illium Skald Fish

500 - 416

Thessian Sunfish

500 - 416

Space Hamster

9,200 - 7,666


Citadel Souvenirs Notes and Tips

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