Class Type Soldier
Passive Power Combat Mastery

Commando is a Specialization Class Passive Power in Mass Effect 2. The Commando is only available to the Soldier Class. Specialized class Powers are unlocked when the Passive Power class reaches Rank 4. Then players can choose between two final evolutions. Once you have chosen an evolution, you can not change it back.


Commando Description

Grants an extra bonus to Weapon Damage and Storm Speed. Besides, it increases your Powers damage.


Commando availability

Commando is available for the following class

 To Unlock the specialization Class you need to spend 4 Squad Points Combat Mastery


Commando Bonusses

At Rank 4 of Combat Mastery you can unlock the Commando Bonuses that grants:

  • Health: +30.00%
  • Weapon Damage: +15.00%
  • Storm Speed: +50.00%
  • Paragon/Renegade: +70.00%
  • Power Damage: +15.00%


Commando Notes & Tips

  • Notes and other tips go here.
  • ???


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