Crescent Nebula in Mass Effect 2 is a Cluster located at the Asari space boundary. Crescent Nebula features 4 Systems and 17 Planets and requires completing the Horizon Mission to be unlocked. In Mass Effect 2, the galaxy is divided into Clusters, Systems, and Planets. Inside each Cluster you can find a different number of Systems, and within each System you will find mainly Planets, but also Satellites. Below you can find all the Systems and Planets within Crescent Nebula.


All Systems in Crescent Nebula



Doriae ♦ Euntanta ♦ Jontan ♦ Tarith ♦ Xetic



Acaeria ♦  Maisuth ♦  Zesmeni


Beregale ♦  Illium ♦  Naxell ♦  Ponolus ♦  Thail



Epho ♦  Gaelon ♦  Helyme ♦  Nepyma


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