Custom Claymore

Type Squad Member Upgrade
Effect Grunt gets a Claymore Heavy Shotgun
Cost 15,000 Platinum

Custom Claymore is a Squad Member Upgrade in Mass Effect 2. Custom Claymore allows Grunt to get a Claymore Heavy Shotgun. Squad Member Upgrade can be obtained in stores and by scanning items on Missions. Upgrades tied to Companions are also unlocked after completing their loyalty mission, regardless of whether their loyalty is gained.


Armory scientists produced a single prototype for Grunt in violation of Council space's weapon safety standards. The recoil on the Claymore is enough to break a human's arm; fortunately, Grunt isn't human.


Custom Claymore Information

Upgrade Levels: 1

Upgrades: Krogan Shotgun



How to Acquire Custom Claymore

Can be unlocked by asking Grunt about Normandy Upgrades (using "Investigate").


Notes and tips

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