Custom Heuristics

Custom Heuristics
Type Omni-Tool Upgrade
Effect +20% duration for all tech powers
Cost 3,000 Element Zero

Custom Heuristics is an Omni-Tool Upgrade in Mass Effect 2. Custom Heuristics provides +20% duration for all tech powers. Omni-Tool Upgrades are single-use items that are immediately applied when they are researched or purchased from vendors.


Traditional omni-tools are tuned for precise and delicate work. Eclipse engineers tune their omni-tools in an opposite manner, focusing on quickly releasing raw energy, but rendering them incapable of performing delicate work without swapping in an alternate tool. Cerberus has prototyped a multiple-operating system approach that should allow one omni-tool to run dozens of configurations, with instantaneous swapping as the user switches tasks. This should result in better performance at each individual task.


Custom Heuristics Information

Upgrade Levels1

Upgrades: Tech Duration


  • +20% duration for all tech powers


How to Acquire Custom Heuristics

Can be obtained after unlocking 2 Multicore Amplifier upgrades


Notes and tips

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