Custom Tech Upgrade

Custom Tech Upgrade
Type Squad Member Upgrade
Effect Mordin gets +20% tech damage.
Cost 3,000 Element Zero

Custom Tech Upgrade is a Squad Member Upgrade in Mass Effect 2. Custom Tech Upgrade allows Mordin to get +20% tech damage. Squad Member Upgrade can be obtained in stores and by scanning items on Missions. Upgrades tied to Companions are also unlocked after completing their loyalty mission, regardless of whether their loyalty is gained.


Mordin built his own omni-tool and can make significant upgrades given the proper materials.


Custom Tech Upgrade Information

Upgrade Levels1

Upgrades: Mordin Tech Damage


  • Mordin gets +20% tech damage.


How to Acquire Custom Tech Upgrade

Can be unlocked by asking Mordin about Normandy Upgrades (using "Investigate").


Notes and tips

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