Gateway Personal Defense

Location Illium

Gateway Personal Defense is a Shop in Mass Effect 2. Gateway Personal Defense can be found at Illium and is serviced by an Unnamed Asari. Shops on galactic hub worlds are an excellent way of acquiring Upgrades.


Gateway Personal Defense Information

You can obtain a discount at this store by dealing with an old acquaintance in Illium: Conrad Verner


Where to find Gateway Personal Defense


Gateway Personal Defense Services

Microfield Pulsar

Increases submachine gun damage.

60,000 / 50,000

Lattice Shunting

increases Commander Shepard health

90,000 / 75,000

Amplifier Plates

New armor piece. Increase shields by 5%.

2,000 / 1,666

Kinietic Pulsar

increases assault Riffle damage.

60,000 / 50,000

Ablative VI

+10% Shields, +10% Barriers, or +10% Armor as appropriate (per Level upgrade)

90,000 / 75,000


Gateway Personal Defense Notes and Tips

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