Geth Pulse Rifle

Geth Armory

Geth Pulse Rifle
Weapon Type Assault Rifles
Related Powers Cryo Ammo
Disruptor Ammo
Incendiary Ammo
Concussive Shot
Armor Moderate Effective
Barrier Very effective
Shield Very effective

Geth Pulse Rifle is an Assault Rifles Weapon in Mass Effect 2.  Geth Pulse Rifle is manufactured by Geth Armory. Assault Rifles provide good balance between stopping power and accuracy. These automatic Weapons are commonly used by Soldiers, but you can train Commander Shepard on this weapon if the commander selects a different class.


This geth weapon fires a rapid stream of high-energy phasic slugs. Comparable to a Vindicator Battle Rifle. Very effective against shields and biotic barriers; moderately effective against armor.

Geth pulse rifles are rarely retrieved from the battlefield; when they are, the guns are generally functional and comparable to a stock assault rifle. Over time, however, they prove unreliable and difficult to repair. Attempts to replicate this weapon have failed, but the technology recovered from Haestrom could enable several of these weapons to be built for your squad.

Two anomalies differentiate these geth weapons from other stock assault rifles. First, the mass effect field generation technology follows a sine curve (it has a variable rate of fire). Second, its slugs are lighter than standard Avenger slugs, but they're encased in a phasic envelope. Overall, this weapon should be more effective against shields and barrier than a battle rifle, but will likely have less armor penetration capability.


Geth Pulse Rifle Information


Geth Pulse Rifle Location

The only way to acquire this weapon is by playing on Hardcore or Insanity difficulty mode during Dossier: Tali mission at Haestrom. Keep in mind that the difficulty setting must be selected before landing on the planet, or before the mission starts. The rifle can be found in the same room Tali is in, after destroying the Geth Colossus.


Geth Pulse Rifle Availability

Geth Pulse Rifle can be used by the following Class

Geth Pulse Rifle can be used the following Squad members by: 


 Squadmates deal 45% less damage than Shepard.


Geth Pulse Rifle Available Upgrades

  • Tungsten Jacket: Provides +25% assault rifle damage against armor, shields, and biotic barriers.
  • Targeting VI: Your entire squad's assault rifles are now much more accurate.
  • Kinetic Pulsar: Provides +10% assault rifle damage per level (1-7)


Geth Pulse Rifle Tips & Notes

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