Race Reaper
Role Collectors' Mastermind
Location N/A
Related Missions See below

Harbinger is an NPC in Mass Effect 2. Harbinger is a Reaper Collectors' Mastermind. NPCs in Mass Effect 2 can interact with Commander Shepard and they may provide information, Weapons or ItemsNPCs also may give Missions in exchange for rewards. Choosing different interactions with NPCs may result in different courses of Mass Effect 2 story.


Harbinger Information

Harbinger seems to be one of the antagonists if not the main antagonist of the game, is one of the reapers with most dialogues in Mass Effect 2, it even has a direct conversation with Commander Shepard during the Arrival (Assignment). He possessed a Collector General adquiring even more control over the rest of the Collectors, commanding their troops. His purpose is to abduct Humans from their colonies using their genetic material to create the Human Reaper.

Harbinger can possess an individual Collector, which is done many teams during cutscenes and even during active battle against Commander Shepard. By doing this, the possessed Collector, Harbinger (Collector), will gain some power ups and biotics.

At the end-game while Shepard runs away from the Collector Base when the bomb is about to explode, the cutscene showing Commander Shepard and their surviving Companions running back to the Normandy SR-2 while being chased by the Collectors, is ambiented with Harbinger's speech, where he says that the Reapers will find another way.


Harbinger Location

Harbinger can be found in the following locations:

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Harbinger Related Missions

The following Missions are related to Harbinger:


Notes and tips

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