Helios Thruster Tech

Helios Thruster Tech
Type Normandy SR-2 Upgrade
Effect Normandy now has +50% fuel capacity.
Cost 3,000 Element Zero

Helios Thruster Tech is a Normandy SR-2 Upgrade in Mass Effect 2. Helios Thruster Tech provides to the Normandy +50% fuel capacity. Normandy SR-2 Upgrades are single-use items that are immediately applied when they are researched or purchased from vendors.


Engine refitted with Heed Industries-designed Helios Thruster Module.


Helios Thruster Tech Information

Upgrade Levels1

Upgrades: Extended Fuel Cells


  • Normandy now has +50% fuel capacity.


How to Acquire Helios Thruster Tech

Can be unlocking by asking Samara about Normandy Upgrades (using "Investigate").


Notes and tips

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