Human Reaper

Health N/A
Armor Very High
Shield N/A
Related Mission Collector Base: The Long Walk
Location Collector Base

Human Reaper is a Boss in Mass Effect 2. Human Reaper is a special enemy that may require special tactics and strategy to be defeated. Human Reaper will be encountered on the following Missions: Collector Base: The Long Walk. Bosses in Mass Effect 2 have larger health pools and can deliver devastating attacks.


Human Reaper Information

Human Reaper is a reaper which could not be completed because Commander Shepard finds it and attempts to destroy it during Collector Base: The Long Walk. On it's first encounter, it won't be active, as if it was sleeping, and by shooting it's the genetic material injectors it will fall and it will be believed to be destroyed. Then after a discussion with the Illusive Man, the Human Reaper will surprise the crew and this fight would the final boss fight in Mass Effect 2.


Human Reaper Stats

  • Health: N/A
  • Armor: Very High
  • Shield: N/A


How to beat Human Reaper

Human Reaper Boss Guide:

The Human Reaper is so big and takes so much time to do anything it does. The way it takes cover, move and shoots, makes it very predictable and it's vulnerable areas a big and easy to shoot except when it's on an awkward position. It sometimes change it's angle but it's also easy to predict where it will come from because of it's size, sounds and animation. Even thou it's predictable, it could be difficult to deliver shots from slower projectile speed weapons.

The main difficulty of the battle will be on the Collectors jumping in around the platform and also Harbinger will join the battle, but the area is big enough and there's a lot of cover.

To destroy the Human Reaper, it has to be shot in the orange glowing areas of it's chest and eyes, it is recommended to shoot at it with high speed projectile weapons. Human Reaper movements may be predictable but it still moves fast, and it's far enough to make it difficult to hit low speed projectile weapon shots on it.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Human Reaper attacks when they land at Commander Shepard or their Companions, it will disable their shields or barriers from recharing. Human Reaper can be countered with Fortification, Geth Shield Boost or Barrier. The Human Reaper will also kill Collectors or even Harbinger as collateral damage. But it could also wipe out your drones.



Human Reaper Related Mission:


Human Reaper Location

Human Reaper can be found at:


Notes & Tips

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