Hydra Module

Type Omni-Tool Upgrade
Effect +20% faster cooldown on tech abilities
Cost 5,000 Element Zero

Hydra Module is an Omni-Tool Upgrade in Mass Effect 2. Hydra Module provides +20% faster cooldown on tech abilities. Omni-Tool Upgrades are single-use items that are immediately applied when they are researched or purchased from vendors.


Most omni-tools are tuned to have an effective life span of 10 years or more for precision work, and up to 50 for more general tasks. Disabling most safety protocols and installing an experimental power core improves efficiency but reduces the expected operating life span by a factor of 20.


Hydra Module Information

Upgrade Levels1

Upgrades: Tech Cooldowns


  • +20% faster cooldown on tech abilities


How to Acquire Hydra Module

Can be obtained after unlocking 3 Multicore Amplifier upgrades.


Notes and tips

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