Research and Upgrades
Assault Rifles
Sub-Machine Guns
Heavy Weapons.
Mining Location Mainly in Rock Planets

Iridium is a Resource n Mass Effect 2. Iridium is a mineral that can be found mainly in Rock planets. Iridium es used for Assault Rifles, Sub-Machine Guns, and Heavy Weapons. Resources can be obtained by mining in specific planets or as a reward for completing specific Missions or Assignments.


Iridium Information



Iridium Research and Upgrades

Iridium is used for Assault Rifles, Sub-Machine Guns, and Heavy Weapons., here is a complete list of the Upgrades and Weapons that require this resource:


Iridium Location

Iridium can be found mainly in Rock Planets, here's a complete list of planets rich on Iridium:

  • Agnin, Aigela, Alingon, Antictra, Atahil, Beach Thunder, Bres, Capek, Clogon, Corang, Crick, Darwin, Dobrovolski, Durak, Ekuna, Elatha, Farlas, Fitful Current, Franklin, Gregas, Imaen, Israfil, Kakabel, Komarov, Kopis, Laban, Maitrum, Makhaira, Mantun, Maskawa, Nepyma, Pahhur, Parnassus, Quarem, Raisaris, Sakata, Saleas, Sehtor, Shasu, Shir, Siano, Talaria, Tosal Nym, Uwan Oche, Vatar, Vecchio, Volkov, Yunaca

Iridium can also be obtained as a reward for completing the following Missions:

  • Freedom's Progress
  • Dossier: The Professor
  • Dossier: Tali
  • Garrus: Eye for an Eye
  • Mordin: Old Blood
  • Samara: The Ardat-Yakshi
  • N7: Abandoned Research Station
  • N7: MSV Estevanico
  • N7: Abandoned Mine
  • N7: Blue Suns Base
  • N7: Imminent Ship Crash
  • N7: MSV Strontium Mule


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