Jacob Taylor

Race Human
Health 200
Barrier 250
Weapon Proficiencies
Heavy Pistols
Powers Pull
Incendiary Ammo
Cerberus Operative

Jacob Taylor is a Companion for Mass Effect 2. Jacob Taylor can fight alongside Commander Shepard. Jacob Taylor has the following proficiencies: Heavy Pistols and Shotguns; and the following Powers: Pull, Incendiary Ammo, Cerberus Operative and Barrier.


Jacob Taylor Information

Jacob Taylor is a Human biotic and an Alliance Marine. After the destruction of the first Normandy, Jacob was hired by Miranda in the Lazarus Cell as her lieutenant. Lazarus Project was tasked to resurrect Commander Shepard and when it was close to completion the security mechs were hacked by Wilson, who betrayed the organization. Shepard is awoken abruptly and meets Jacob fighting mechs.

Romance with Jacob is only available for female Shepard.


Jacob Taylor Proficiencies

Jacob Taylor has the following proficiencies:


Jacob Taylor Powers

Jacob Taylor has the following Powers.


How to get Jacob Taylor

Jacob joins the squad at the begining of the game as part of the story.


Jacob Taylor Loyalty Mission

The requirements to unlock Jacob: The Gift of Greatness (Jacob's Loyalty Mission) are:

Kelly Chambers tells Shepard that Jacob wants to speak with the Commander. Jacob's father's ship sent a distress call reporting a crash, requesting help.


Notes and tips

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