Kenn's Salvage

Location Omega

Kenn's Salvage is a Shop in Mass Effect 2. Kenn's Salvage can be found at Omega and is serviced by Kenn. Kenn's Salvage Offers a variety of upgrades. Shops on galactic hub worlds are an excellent way of acquiring Upgrades.

Kenn's Salvage Information

  • Offers a variety of upgrades
  • Discounts can be obtained by persuading the owner, asking Harrot to buy the store or leaving Kenn alone.


Where to find Kenn's Salvage


Kenn's Salvage Services

Heavy Weapon Ammo
30,000 - 25,000
Nashan Stellar Dynamics T6-FBA Couplings

500 - 416

Heavy Skin Weave

90,000 - 75,000

Shotgun Damage

60,000 - 50,000


Kenn's Salvage Notes and Tips

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