Lair of the Shadow Broker


Quest Type

Optional Mission





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Experience points
Titan Pulsar
Ablative VI
x1000 Element Zero
x4000 Palladium

Lair of the Shadow Broker is a DLC Mission in Mass Effect 2. Lair of the Shadow Broker revolves around tracking down the elusive Shadow Broker. Optional Missions are secondary quests in Mass Effect 2, that are not mandatory to progress the game's story, but provide context and flavor by meeting interesting NPCs of all kind of Races, granting additional experience, and letting the player visit extraordinary and unique planets. Not to be confused with Assignments, in Mass Effect 2 there are a few Optional Missions and most of them revolve around choices in the first game.


Lair of the Shadow Broker Walkthrough

Getting Ready

This is a long Mission and once you take the cab to Liara's, you won't be able to return to the Normandy. Keep in mind that Liara becomes a mandatory companion after a while, so you can choose the third teammate to compensate her weaknesses.


 Head to Illium on the Galaxy Map and talk to Liara T'Soni in her office. The Asari can't believe the information you brought her, because it contains hints of the Shadow Broker's location in a conversation between two of his agents. There's also information about Feron, Liara's former Drell partner, and that apparently he is still alive. 

She then raccounts what happened with the Drell and how he betrayed her, in the end, he still sacrificed himself to save both you and Liara. She starts forming a plan and invites you to use her terminal for any local intel. If you haven't recruited Samara or Thane Krios yet, you can find information about them there, although it's the same information that you would obtain from talking to Liara normally.

If Samara and Thane are both recruited, there is no intel available on her terminal, so head over to the car port near the police station, and take a cab to Liara’s apartment.

At the apartment, you will find the police investigating it under the supervision of Tela Vasir, a Spectre. She dismisses the cops and starts a conversation with you, that differs slightly if your Spectre status was reinstated or not. She tells you that someone attempted to assassinate Liara. However, Vasir doesn't have information about the Liara's current location and invites you to look around for anything the cops may have missed.

 You can investigate a lot of things.

  • Bullet holes in the window: Vasir states that the rifle used to do that wasn't standard issue
  • N7 Armor: A piece of Shepard's old armor
  • Degree Certificate: Liara got a doctorate from the University of Serrice on Thessia.
  • Painting: A view from the planet Ilos.
  • Picture: A photo album that changes from the SSV Normandy to a Prothean dig site can be found on the upper level.

Now investigate the Prothean relics around the apartment:

  • Relic Top Level: Nothing of note except that it is apparently incredibly expensive.
  • Relic Near Door: Nothing of note; Tela Vasir thinks it’s ugly.
  • Relic: Bottom of stairs: It contains a backup disk. When played, it shows a recorded conversation between Liara and one of her contacts, Sekat. He apparently has nailed down where the Shadow Broker is and he can narrow it down. He asks Liara to come to his office at Baria Frontiers in the Dracon Trade Center. So now you have a lead, head t o the Dragon Trade Center.

When you arrive at the Dracon Trade Center, Tela Vasir mentions that the Baria Frontiers office is on the third floor. Strangely, when you get to the top of the stairs, the building explodes. This can't be a coincidence, someone clearly doesn't want Liara to get this information. Tela Vasir takes off in the skycar to seal off the building from the top, while you and the squad work from the bottom up. Head inside the burning building.

You can find a locker here that nets you x3750 Credits. You can find an elevator on the left side of the atrium, but it's not working. Head up the stairs to the right, there's Medi-Gel from the medical station along the way.

You will find the Salarian Embassy and Nezo Transportation but both of them are currently locked down. There's also a PDA that nets you x2500 Credits and another medical station containing Medi-Gel. There's a dead employee that when examined reveals that he was killed by gunfire, not the explosion. Tela Vasir, surprised mentions that this was more than just an explosion. Head up the stairs, and in the center you will find a hackable ATM, that awards you x6250 Credits. There are also some Power Cells, to the right.

To the left, there's a military grade bomb that wasn't armed. Tela Vasir mentions that they employ similar equipment when they don't have time to plan. After this, head into the Baria Frontiers office, but before doing so, it is advised to save the game.

Head to the log book on the left and examine it to learn that Liara signed just a few minutes ago and then head inside. Shoot the logo that reads "Baria Frontiers" and take cover beneath the window.

As you approach the window or hallway, a flashbang grenade blinds all of you. When you radio Tela Vasir to inform her she replies that you should say hello to the Shadow Broker's private army. You are attacked by three Shadow Broker Agents and a Shadow Broker Heavy. There is plenty of cover here, so make use of it. 

Be careful as you move towards the room that's to the left of where you entered the office, because more Enemies will spawn there. This time Three Agents and a Shadow Broker Vanguard. Watch out, especially from the Vanguard, who can absorb a lot of damage. When they are down, you can loot a terminal located on the left side of the room, that contains x3000 Credits. 

Once you are done with them, move up. While you keep moving towards the rear corridor, you will encounter more Agents and another Heavy. Use the cover wisely to take them down. Round the corner, more Enemies will be ready to attack you this time the group is composed of the usual Shadow Broker Agents, Heavies and a Shadow Broker Engineer. Although it seems that there's only one Enemy, once you engage more will arrive.

Remember to advance slowly and only after eliminating some Enemies, because many more will suddenly spawn as you approach the other end of the corridor, and if you don't proceed like this, the amount of hostiles may overwhelm you. Keep in mind that the Engineers and the Agents have Combat Drones and Flashbang Grenades, respectively, so be ready to shift cover locations periodically.

When they are finally down, you can find a terminal that grants you x3000 Credits in the side room and a medical station containing Medi-Gel in the cafeteria located at the end of the hallway. Head around the corner to see the stairs blocked by fire, don't even try to go into it. Tela Vasir comments the need to find a switch to activate the fire suppression systems. It can be found in the side room right to your left where you can find the maintenance console and a crate containing x1000 Element Zero. Once the suppression systems are activated, don't leave the room before salvaging the machinery in order to obtain x1500 Credits. Tela Vasir mentions that she is on her way down.

This won't be as easy as expected, as there will be more Enemies here. Three Shadow Broker Agents are the next ones in line. When they are down, head into the room they were guarding to loot a wall safe containing x5000 Credits and access a research terminal that contains a Heavy Pistol Damage Upgrade (Titan Pulsar). Open the door and continue.

You see Liara's contact being shot by one of the Broker's Agents, and you see Tela Vasir shoot the agent when you and the rest of the squad enter the room. Tela Vasir asks about Liara's body, but suddenly Liara T'Soni emerges pointing a pistol at Vasir. You will attempt to cool down the situation, but it won't be possible, Liara states that Vasir tried to kill her. Your squad pulls their guns out, and Liara tells the whole story about how Vasir signaled the Shadow Broker's Agents and broke into Liara's apartment. Tela Vasir proceeded to kill Sekat and took his data.

Exposed, Vasir tries to get away, she uses her biotics to shatter the glass. However, Liara puts up a barrier to protect the squad. Commander Shepard tackles Tela Vasir as she's trying to get away, and both of them fly out of the window. Vasir uses her biotics to cushion their fall and has a small scuffle with Commander Shepard. After this, Liara leaps out of the office, also using her biotics to cushion her fall, while the squad watches the situation unfold.

Vasir, now outnumbered, makes a run for it. Liara follows her behind. The squad rejoins you in the plaza, and more Shadow Broker Agents emerge from the Eldfell-Ashland Energy office, giving Tela Vasir plenty of time to make her escape. Deal with the guards and continue pursuing the traitorous Asari.

The initial Enemies include two Shadow Broker Agents and a Shadow Broker Heavy. Once they are down, more Agents and a Shadow Broker Vanguard will emerge. You can use the fountain in the center for cover. 

When the are down, head downstairs into the atrium. Inside, you can use the cover priveded by the bench on your left. Take down the Shadow Broker Agents, Shadow Broker Heavies and the Shadow Broker Engineers that will try to stop you. The mix and numbers may vary depending on the difficulty setting. The Combat Drones the Engineers produce can be troublesome, if available Overload can be used to instantly destroy them. 

When you are done with the mercs, gather up ammo and head out the door to find Liara and Vasir fighting. Tela Vasir calls her shuttle and jumps into it, Liara grabs a taxi with you. You can only select one teammate to come along, remember that Liara T'Soni is a biotic user, so try to compensate her weaknessess. One excellent choice is Miranda Lawson since she can use Warp to combo with Liara's Singularity, and also Overload to take down shields. Thane Krios and Morinth can make for good alternatives. Now the game switches to a pseudo-like racer in which you pursue Tela Vesir through the skies of Illium.

There are obstacles you have to watch out for as well as traffic, your focus is to don't lose her at any cost. You have a boost ability, just remember that using it reduces the amount of control you have over your vehicle. It is advised to use it in short bursts, especially right after changing directions. After a while, Vasir will up her game and start dropping proximity mines, obviously try to avoid them at all costs. Liara will mention that Vasir has brought reinforcements. Keep following Vasir until a cutscene interrupts the chase. You see Vasir attempting to ram your cab, but failing in the process. She eventually crashes into a building, the Azure Hotel. You head there to continue the pursuit, while she escapes and radios for back up.

Liara joins your party now. The first thing you should do once you regain control is pause and allocate her squad points immediately, because the game doesn't do it automatically. There's a Med-kit to be obtained from the car. Head up the stairs and get ready to face three to five waves of Shadow Broker Agents and Shadow Broker Engineers

Once the battle is over, if you didn't already, get the med-kit from the car and collect x1500 Credits from the bank terminal near the door. Obviously, replenish as much ammo as possible.

Head to the left side of the platform and go into the glass walled room, it is the only one with a green door sign. Inside you will hear a conversation, but before doing anything else, bypass the wall safe on your right to obtain x6000 Credits and there a med-kit ahead of you. Head to the room where there is a patron on the ground, however talking to him serves no purpose, so talk to Liara about the video. She provides information about the hotel and its name. 

Head out to Vasir's car, your Asari companion will notice the blood trial, Vasir was wounded in the crash. You can obtain some Power Cells from her car and also, you can obtain a Damage Protection Upgrade (Ablative VI), from the broken panel. Follow the blood trail and it will lead you to another room. You will find a lot of dead bodies there, but you can find a Medi-Gel, and a Weapons Locker. You can find another Medi-Gel in the main room and a personal datapad that nets you x2500 Credits. It is advised you save now before leaving.

As you exit the second door, the blood trail leads you to Vasir herselft, who tries to blend in but is stopped by Liara T'Soni. Without hestitation, Vasir grabs a civilian to use as leverage and demands you to drop all your thermal clips and Power Cells. There are a few Paragon or Renegade choices that may help you avoid the hurting of the hostage. You talk to the Asari while Liara biotically levels her with a table. However, if you dont or can't pick either the Paragon or Renegade options, you will have to give into her demands or let her wound the hostage. Regardless of how the situation is handled, this unfolds in a fight with the elusive Asari.

Vasir is no pushover, she has a vas amount of barriers, armor and health. Although you outnumber her, she is more than a though challenge by herself. She will make use of her biotics to charge around the battlefield, making her hard to hit at times. Stasis works on her, but be careful of over-using it, as she will eventually will build up resistance to it, until she becomes totally immune.

When you damage her to about half her barriers, she gets away from the fight, and leaves you to face two Rocket Drones and two Shadow Broker Engineers. Use cover wisely during this fight. When you manage to defeat them, Vasir returns, and the fight is more or less the same as it was before. Once the barriers are totally gone, she leaves again. She will once again, summon two Rocket Drones and two Shadow Broker Engineers

Again, once they are down,  she returns and mantains the same fighting pattern she was using during the whole fight. Once her armor is gone, use any Power you have to tie her up and unleash everything on her. 

Once she is down, a cutscene plays and you see Liara T'Soni take the disk from her while Vasir continues to protest. Commander Shepard asks Vasir why she betrayed the Council, however she doesn't put it that way. She states that the Shadow Broker has been giving her information for years, and that information saved lives. So doing a few morally grey tasks for the broker is a price that she'll pay any day.

Although you can rebuff her, she points out what's the essence of the Spectres, to do the Council's dirty work. She also compares herself to you, by stating that Cerberus has been doing many nasty things and you are allied to them now. After this conversation, Vasir draws her final breath.

You head inside and find Liara examining the disk, apparently the Shadow Broker was bent on killing Liara, not minding if there was any kind of collateral damage. She is informed that Vasir's gone and proceeds to forward the information to the Normandy. You can take a series of interurpts here.

 The first Paragon interrupt isto convince Liara that they will rescue Feron in time. If you take the interrupt, Liara reminds you of your past together, and how you saved her on Therum during the original game.

In the  second Paragon interrupt, you bring up how they killed innocent people. 

The third interrupt, and only if you romanced Liara during the original Mass Effect, will give you a chance to talk about you as a couple. Liara explains how these two years were for her and how you can't expect her to instantly vanish all that happened during those years. She apologises and asks to foucs on the task at hand. Also, if you are currently engaged in another romance, Liara will also comment on that.

The next section of the Mission takes place on the outside of the Shadow Broker's ship. You are now able to choose 1 squadmate again, the other will be Liara T'Soni. Miranda Lawson is still the ideal choice to bring along because of her versatility.

You will be facing the same set of Enemies you have been facing from the beginning, plus the addition of Mechs here and there.

You see a cutscene where the Normandy launches the shuttle over a planet where the Shadow Broker's ship is located. Liara T'Soni makes a briefing about the planet regarding its weather conditions. She also specifies that they will have to land and seek out a hatch to get inside. She emphasizes that they can't stay outside for too long, because of the weather and lighting can be troublesome.

Once you regain control, Liara comments she is picking a massive communications array at the back of the ship, and there is nothing but maintenance areas under it, so that is where they have to get to. This is a good saving point.

Proceed along the hull, you will face some Maintenance Drones, they function similar to Combat Drones. There will be two pairs of drones, deal with them and salvage some Conductor Components x3000 Credits and then proceed.

More Shadow Broker Agents will pop up when you find the capacitators. Liara explains that their function is to discharge the lightning strikes. If you shoot the capacitators the fight will be quite easier. Walk past the capacitators, and down to the left.

When you get to the lower platform, there will be three LOKI Mechs, get into cover to face them. You can use tour biotics to throw them over the side. When they are down, keep moving. You will reach another capacitator, more Shadow Broker Agents and a Shadow Broker Engineer. Again, the capacitator facilitates the fight considerably.

Once you are in the clear, activate the Rod Controls to lower a lightning rod, and then duck into the trench to take cover because more Enemies are incoming. This group brings Shadow Broker Agents, Shadow Broker Engineer and a Shadow Broker Vanguard. The lightning capacitator can be blasted away to, again, make this fight easier.

Again, get to the lower platform, and be greeted by more LOKI Mechs. Once they are defeated, you can obtain x4000 Credits from the Capacitor Components on your left.

Keep moving along the path to your right, you will encounter a small area in the exterior hull where you will find two Shadow Broker Agents and three LOKI Mechs. Get into cover to deal with them. It is a small area, so don't let them get too close. When you are done with them, follow the ramps to a door and open it. 

Past the door, Liara will mention that the ship must have taken decades to build. After a few conversations with Liara about the ship and the Shadow Broker you will be able to grab x4000 Palladium from a refined Palladium crate, and some Power Cells. Head back outside and follow the ramps, at the bottom you can grab a Medi-Gel from a medical station. A difficult fight is incoming, so you would make a good decision by saving your game now. Reach the top of the ramps and take cover.

You will be facing a well-rounded group composed of Shadow Broker Agents, Shadow Broker Vanguards and Shadow Broker Engineers. Use the lightning capacitators to weaken them, but keep in mind that the overload from the capacitators can damage you as well. You can use biotics to send Enemies to fly away, so that is a good Weapon to have at your disposal. 

When you defeat them all, pass over the barriers and two more Shadow Broker Agents will come for you, but this shouldn't pose much of a threat, deal with them quickly. Head down and there will be three more LOKI Mechs waiting for you. Deal with them, and follow the path to go back up.

Once at the top, you have been expected by more hostiles. Two Shadow Broker Agents, a Shadow Broker Heavy and a Shadow Broker Vanguard. You won't find any capacitator nearby to make your life easier, so deal with them any way you like, if possible, try to focus on the Vanguard. 

Get to the top of the hull and activate the panel controls to be able to continue. You will see a small path opening in the panels, take it by going through it and when you get to the other side, go right and find cover. There will be two Shadow Broker Agents  there, dispatch them quickly and turn to your left to deal with more Agents, a few Shadow Broker Engineers and a Shadow Broker Vanguard. Luckily, there are capacitators here, so use them to have an edge on the fight. When they are down, there will be more Agents and a Shadow Broker Heavy around the corner.

When you are clear of hostiles, get to the bottom to obtain x3000 credits from some Conductor Components. Get up to the top to retract another rod. After that, take the catwalk. You will find a medical station at the end. This is a VERY VERY Good save point because an incredibly tough fight is about to come. When you interact with the door, Liara starts to hack it, and you must defend it from incoming attacks.

You will be facing 5 enemy waves of everything the Shadow Broker is able to throw at you. You will face all the different types of units at his disposal in his private army(Agents, Heavies, Engineers,Vanguards and Rocket Drones). Use the capacitators whenever possible, to damage and stun Enemies. The first wave approaches from the left side, once that is down, Liara and Shepard engage in a brief conversation, and then the second wave approaches, from the opposite side of where the first one came. Once they are down, four Rocket Drones will appear from the bow of the ship. 

After the drones are destroyed, the fourth wave comes again from the same position as the first wave did. Finally, the fifth and last wave, arrives from the opposite side of the previous one (Just from where the seconf wave came from).

As stated before, this is a long and incredibly challenging fight (especially on higher difficulties), but half of it comes down to know where to take cover, locate where the thermal clips are, and just be patient in general. It could take you two or three tries, or even more if you head into this challenge blindly.

When the final wave is defeated, the door unlocks. Take this moment to search the are for ammo and once ready, head inside. Inside you will be greeted by the welcoming comitee composed of two Shadow Broker Agents, a Shadow Broker Engineer and a Shadow Broker Heavy. Deal with them. When you are done with the first wave of Enemies, round the corner and keep to what little cover there is because the next hallway brings you more Enemies, including a Vanguard. Keep moving up when you can and keep shooting above all else. Proceed up the stairs. Liara T'Soni comments that they are heading towards the Prison Block and Feron.

As you round the next corner, you will see a group composed of two Shadow Broker Agents, a Vanguard and an Engineer standing watch. Deal with them quickly and they won't have a chance to know what hit them. The door at the end of the hallway won't open, so head into the room the Enemies were guarding to obtain a Medi-Gel and x4500 Credits from a terminal. Bypass the door and you will find Feron.

As soon as you enter, Liara runs towards Feron to try to release him, but he receives a painful shock instead. He explaints that if he is pulled out now, his brain will fry, so in order for him to be able to get out safely, they must cut the power from central operations first. Any time he tries to answer a question he gets shocked, so ask quickly. When you are done, return to the main room and get into cover.

Three Shadow Broker Agents and a Shadow Broker Vanguard will be on the attack.When they are down, head to the previously locked door, and now you can open it. Follow the hallway and you will eventually run into a single Shadow Broker Agent. Deal with him and access the nearby terminal to obtain x4500 Credits. There's also a med-kit for you to grab. Save your game if possible, because you are going to meet the final Boss of the DLC. Open the door.

You will see a cutscene, where you and your squad storm into the broker's room. You see a long big shadow, sitting and calmly waiting for you. Judging by the long shadow he casts, you realize that the Broker isof a species you have never encountered before. He asks if both of you are there for Feron, and he will point out that your actions are reckles, even considering the Commander's history.

After you and the Broker exchange a few words, Liara demands Feron to be freed, but the Broker reminds her that her own actions brough the Drell to the situation he is currently in. The Shadow Broker will state that the Collectors offer for Commander Shepard still stands (provided they haven't been defeated yet). On the contrary, he announces his intention to use the Normandy's IFF to salvage ay remaining Collector tech. (if they have been defeated).

Ignoring Liara's threats, the broker notes the team's third member and disregards the Asari because he knows all her secrets. This causes Liara to identify him as a Yahg, likely taken from his world as a trophy or pet. This doesn't sit well with the Shadow Broker, who smashes his desk and throws it at you. He manages to hit and knock out your third squad-member, rendering unavailable for the rest of the battle.Now the real fight begins.

The first part is pretty straightforward, just shoot him and move from cover to cover if he gets too close. Repeat this until his barriers and armor are destroyed. You will see a short cutscene where you see him raise a kinetic barrier that deflects both energy and bullets. Get up close and personal with him. Melee him and another short cutscene shows both of you in a fist fight. The Shadow Broker uses his Omni-Tool to raise a shield that blocks all bullets, and both his shields and armor are fully recovered.

You will have to repeat the same process you did before, keep shooting and don't get too close to the Shadow Broker. He now is able to charge through cover, so when he charges, just get out of the way. If you have any distracting Power like Combat Drone, it is a good moment to use it. 

When you destroy his shields and armor, again melee him. Another cutscene interrupts the combat, where you see both of you engaged in a fist fight. 

Again he recovers his shields and armor, and you have to do the process all over again, but this third take he commits more mistakes and fumbles more easily. When the shields and armor are gone, melee him for the last time. You are treated to another cutscene where Liara and Commander Shepard bring the Shadow Broker down with a combined attack. 

The camera cuts to Feron's cell, the power cuts and Feron is gone. Now, the camera heads to the Broker's office and many of the Broker's agents start asking for updates. While you are occupied helping your other squadmate, Liara is absorted in the communications.

Liara uses the Broker's voice modification, states that the situation is under control and makes up a story. Feron, returns to the Broker's office as soon as he hears the message and aims his gun to the Shadow Broker until he realizes, it's Liara. He asks her questions but she calmly explains that she is the new Shadow Broker. You can ask her if this is what she really wants and she states she is sure. Feron excuses himself by saying he's going to check the power systems, and your third teammate accompanies him.

You are now alone with Liara and can confort her with a hug. If you romanced her in the original Mass Effect, you have the option of of a brief kiss. There is also a Paragon Interrupta available, to confirm the relationship.

She heads to the computer and notes that there are no passwords nor safeguards or user restrictions. When you leave, she assures you that you are always welcome back any time. You can also invite her over to the Normandy, regardless is you romanced her in Mass Effect or not.

You now have access to the Shadow Broker Base.


How to unlock Lair of the Shadow Broker

  • In order to unlock the Mission for Lair of the Shadow Broker, you have to have completed Horizon and also, have the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC installed. You will receive a personal message to your private terminal after completing Horizon.
  • This Mission is titled Give Liara Intel on the Galaxy Map.


Enemies found on Lair of the Shadow Broker


Lair of the Shadow Broker Rewards


Lair of the Shadow Broker Notes & Tips

  • Notes & tips go here


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