Race Geth
Health 200
Geth Shield 350
Weapon Proficiencies
Assault Rifles
Sniper Rifles
Powers AI Hacking
Combat Drone
Geth Infiltrator
Geth Shield Boost

Legion is a Companion or potencial Companion for Mass Effect 2. Legion can fight alongside Commander Shepard. Legion has the following proficienci Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles; and the following Powers: AI Hacking, Combat Drone, Geth Infiltrator and Geth Shield Boost.


Legion Information

Legion is a unique Geth mobile platform, it was designed to operate away from Perseus Veil and interact with organic life, which is why it can operate independently and speak. Legion is first encountered in Mass Effect 2 during the Stop the Collectors: Acquire Reaper IFF mission on the Derelict Reaper. It assists Shepard's squad against some Husks. It is disabled by a husk, and Shepard decides to take thhe geth. Later Shepard has to choose between selling Legion or kept stored under guard. If stored, it can be reactivated for interrogation at any time. It may join the squad if given the chance.


Legion Proficiencies

Legion has the following proficiencies:


Legion Powers

Legion has the following Powers.


How to get Legion

After completing Stop the Collectors: Investigate Collector Ship, the Illusive Man sends Shepard to acquire a derelict Reaper's IFF. At the end of that mission (Stop the Collectors: Acquire Reaper IFF), Shepard has to decide what to do with the fallen Geth, if Shepard decides to keep it, Legion will join the squad, otherwise Legion would be permanently unavailable.


Legion Loyalty Mission

The requirements to unlock Legion: A House Divided (Legion's Loyalty Mission) are:

  • Recruited Legion

Kelly Chambers will say Legion wants to speak with Shepard. Legion tells Shepard that it has written a virus to turn every geth to their side, and the virus is at Heretic Station.


Notes and tips

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