M-23 Katana

Ariake Technologies

M-23 Katana
Weapon Type Shotguns
Related Powers Cryo Ammo
Disruptor Ammo
Incendiary Ammo
Concussive Shot
Armor Weak
Barrier Effective
Shield Effective

M-23 Katana is a Shotgun Weapon in Mass Effect 2.  M-23 Katana is manufactured by Ariake Technologies. Shotguns are brute force Weapons that deal tremendous damage at close range. They may have a slow rate of fire, but if a shell is delivered point-blank, you may need only one squeeze of the trigger.


Common military shotgun. Deadly at short range, but ineffective at long range. Very effective versus shields and biotic barriers, but weak versus armor.

Manufactured by Ariake Technologies, the Katana is a common mercenary weapon and is also popular on colonies with varren infestations.


M-23 Katana Information


M-23 Katana Location

Automatically granted on Freedom's Progress if you previously select the Soldier or Vanguard class, or if Commander Shepard has Shotgun advanced training.


M-23 Katana Availability

M-23 Katana can be used by the following Class

M-23 Katana can be used by the following Squad Members: 


M-23 Katana Available Upgrades


M-23 Katana Tips & Notes

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