M-98 Widow


M-98 Widow
Weapon Type Sniper Rifle
Related Powers Cryo Ammo
Disruptor Ammo
Incendiary Ammo
Concussive Shot
Armor Weak
Barrier Very Effective
Shield Very Effective

M-98 Widow is a Sniper Rifle Weapon in Mass Effect 2M-98 Widow is manufactured by Unknown Manufacturer. Sniper Rifles combine long-range killing power with lethal accuracy. The trade-off is that they have a slower rate of fire.


Accurate and deadly anti-material rifle. Effective against armor, shields, and biotic barriers. Upgrades the M-97 Viper Sniper Rifle.

Weighing in at 39 kilograms, the Widow Anti-Material Rifle is primarily used by sniper teams in assault missions against armored vehicles or krogan. While kinetic barriers offer effective protection on vehicles, the kind generated by conventional military field generators are far too weak against the Widow.

The Widow was never designed to be carried and fired by a human. Although this modified model can be carried, no ordinary human could fire it without shattering an arm.


M-98 Widow Information


M-98 Widow Location

It Can be acquired as one of three possible weapons on the Collector Ship mission for Soldiers and Infiltrators. This allows Shepard to use the weapon.
If you talk with Legion about upgrades will make the weapon available for research. As a member team, only Legion can use this Weapon.


M-98 Widow Availability

M-98 Widow can be used by the following Class

M-98 Widow can be used by the following Squad Member: 


Legion deals 43% less damage than Shepard.


M-98 Widow Available Upgrades


M-98 Widow Tips & Notes

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