Microfiber Weave

Microfiber Weave
Type Squad Member Upgrade
Effect +25% Health for krogan squadmates._
Cost 2,500/5,000 Platinum

Microfiber Weave is a Squad Member Upgrade in Mass Effect 2. Microfiber Weave provides Grunt +25% Health. Squad Member Upgrade can be obtained in stores and by scanning items on Missions. Upgrades tied to Companions are also unlocked after completing their loyalty mission, regardless of whether their loyalty is gained.


A scientist named Okeer designed a retrovirus that matches the krogan genetic code. Modifying the gene sequence of the virus and injecting a small amount into a krogan can introduce a change in that genetic code.


Microfiber Weave Information

Upgrade Levels1 to 2

Upgrades: Krogan Vitality


  • +25% Health for krogan squadmates.


How to Acquire Microfiber Weave

1 2,500 Platinum Can be found during Dossier: The Warlord at the same room as Warlord Okeer
2 5,000 Platinum Can be found during Mordin: Old Blood at the same room as dead female krogan




Notes and tips

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