Microfusion Array

Microfusion Array
Type Weapon Upgrade
Effect +15% Heavy Weapon ammo capacity
Cost 2,500/5,000/7,500/10,000/12,500 Iridium or 30,000 Credits (25,000 with discount)

Microfusion Array is a Weapon Upgrade in Mass Effect 2. Microfusion Array grants +15% Heavy Weapon ammo capacity and can only be used by Heavy Weapons. When a Weapon Upgrade is obtained, it's automatically integrated into the appropriate Weapon. Obtain Weapon Upgrades in stores and by scanning items on Missions.


The power cell technology used by heavy weapons is fairly old, but can be improved by rebuilding the core with more modern components. These improvements allow standard power cells to yield more shots per power cell and allow for more total shots to be fired.


Microfusion Array Information

Upgrade Levels: 1 to 7

Upgrades: Heavy Weapon Ammo



How to Acquire Microfusion Array

1 2,500 Iridium Can be found in a dead mech outside Veetor's shack durign Freedom's Progress Mission.
2 5,000 Iridium Can be found during Mordin: Old Blood Mission – terminal just past boss
3 7,500 Iridium Can be found near fire extinguisher (Paragon choice only) during Zaeed: The Price of Revenge Mission (DLC) – 
4 10,000 Iridium Can be found during Side Mission: N7: Blood Pack Base
5 12,500 Iridium Can be found in one of the first rooms, accessed by redirecting the gas, with a log and a locker. Arrival (Assignment)
6 30,000 Credits Can be bought at Omega: Kenn's Salvage store
7 30,000 Credits Can be bought at Tuchanka: Ratch's Wares store




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