Miranda Lawson

Race Human
Health 200
Shield 250
Weapon Proficiencies
Submachine Guns
Heavy Pistols
Powers Overload
Cerberus Officer

Miranda Lawson is a Companion for Mass Effect 2. Miranda Lawson can fight alongside Commander Shepard. Miranda Lawson has the following proficiencies: Submachine Guns and Heavy Pistols; and the following Powers: Overload, Warp, Cerberus Officer and Slam


Miranda Lawson Information

Miranda Lawson was genetically engineered to be a specimen of Human perfection by her father who used his own genome. The expectations of her father made Miranda feel like she wasn't good enough. She is selected by the Illusive Man to lead the Lazarus Cell and she's in charge of the Lazarus Project. The project task was to resurrect Shepard. After 2 years, the project was sabotaged by a traitor, and Shepard was woken up abruptly.

Romance with Miranda is only available for male Shepard


Miranda Lawson Proficiencies

Miranda Lawson has the following proficiencies:


Miranda Lawson Powers

Miranda Lawson has the following Powers.


How to get Miranda Lawson

Miranda joins the squad at the begining of the game as part of the story.


Miranda Lawson Loyalty Mission

The requirements to unlock Miranda: The Prodigal (Miranda's Loyalty Mission) are:

  • Completed Horizon
  • Brought Miranda with Shepard to talk with Lanteia.

Miranda needs to go to Illium to rescue Oriana, her sister.


Notes and tips

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