Multicore Amplifier

Multicore Amplifier
Type Omni-Tool Upgrade
Effect +10% tech power damage
Cost 500/1,000/1,500 Element Zero or 90,000 Credits (75,000 with discount)

Multicore Amplifier is an Omni-Tool Upgrade in Mass Effect 2. Multicore Amplifier provides +10% tech power damage. Omni-Tool Upgrades are single-use items that are immediately applied when they are researched or purchased from vendors.


Standard omni-tools are calibrated with a wide neural input tolerance range so they can be used effectively by any race. By tuning the inputs of the omni-tool to match the specific neural patterns of the user, responsiveness and power can be greatly increased. Once tuned in this manner, the omni-tool is almost unusable by anyone but the wearer, and it must be constantly re-calibrated to subtle neural shifts.


Multicore Amplifier Information

Upgrade Levels1 to 6

Upgrades: Tech Damage


  • +10% tech power damage (per level upgrade)


How to Acquire Multicore Amplifier

1 500 Element Zero During Tali: Treason can be awarded after trial if Tali is found innocent (either through Charm/Intimidate or "Rallying the Crowd") or by handing over evidence (and losing Tali's loyalty permanently).
2 1,000 Element Zero During Horizon mission, you can find it on the dead Collector right behind the building where the Scion emerges
3 1,500 Element Zero Can be found during Collector Ship mission after fighting the Praetorian
4 2,000 Element Zero Can be found during Kasumi: Stealing Memory on a dead mercenary by a door near the end of the mission.
5 90,000 Credits Can be bought at Saronis Applications store
6 90,000 Credits Can be bought at Serrice Technology store. Only available after completing the Collector Ship mission.




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