N7 Helmet

N7 Helmet
Type Helmet
Effect Increases health by 5%

N7 Helmet is a Helmet in Mass Effect 2. N7 Helmet increases health by 5% and can only be used by Commander ShepardHelmets protect the player's head by applying various defensive properties, it also changes the appearance as well when it is equipped.


N7 Helmet Information

Dual layer of fabric armor and kinetic padding within a lightweight ablative ceramic shell. Comes standard with a suite of communication, navigation, and battlefield awareness software.


  • Increases health by 5%


N7 Helmet Location

The N7 Helmet is part of the N7 Armor Set. It Can be acquired in the mission Prologue: Awakening, where the N7 Armor worn by Commander Shepard during Prologue: Save Joker and before Prologue: Awakening is the heavy model of Mass Effect


Notes and tips

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