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N7: Blood Pack Communications Relay is an Assignment in Mass Effect 2. N7: Blood Pack Communications Relay is about disrupting the Blood Pack communications relay. Assignments are secondary quests in Mass Effect 2, that are not mandatory to progress the game's story, but provide context and flavor by meeting interesting NPCs of all kind of Races, granting additional experience, and letting the player visit extraordinary and unique planets.


N7: Blood Pack Communications Relay Walkthrough

Getting Ready

You will be facing both Klixen and Blood Pack mercenaries during this Assignment. Incinerate and Warp will be incredibly useful to bring along. Cryo Blast can be used against the Klixen.


Your main objective is to shut down the Blood Pack communications relay. on a nearby hill. To make things even more difficult, there are an annoying fog in the valleys and also the fire-breathing Klixen dwelling in the area, along the obvious resistance provided by the Blood Pack mercenaries. You will find beacons along the path, that will indicate the way towards the next relay. If you stray a little from the main path, you'll end up finding resources and crates.

Once you land, follow the main path ahead of you, after a turn, you'll arrive at an open space between the rocks. You can read the first datapad there and activate the first beacon. Follow the beacon's blue light and you will arrive at the second beacon. Activate it. Keep following the light and you will encounter some Klixen, deal with them and continue to the next beacon. This beacon will signal you to turn right, but before doing so, take x400 Platinum from the raw material to your left.

Keep following the blue beam. The path will fork, you can deal with a Klixen from the left path quite easily. Head on the left path, picking up x400 Platinum from another raw material along the way up to the 4th beacon. Once there, you will find another datapad, and some thermal clips. 

Continue ahead to the next fork in the path. A Harvester will drop more Klixen just a little ahead of you, but before going to fight, take the left path to pick up x400 Platinum in the dead end. Get back at the fork, and take the right path now to face the three Klixen. Head to the beacon to activate it, pick up the thermal clip if needed and grab the datapad. Follow the blue light again, but before start climbing up the path to the left, pick up another x400 Platinum to your right.

Continue up the narrow path to the next beacon and activate it. The path now descends and gets wider, you will meet the next two Klixen a little ahead. Dispose of them and activate the next beacon to the right. Turn right and you will encounter two Vorcha and x400 Platinum in a box. Return to the beacon, and follow the light again, turn to the left to read the fourth datapad and then start climbing the steep path ahead.

You will eventually head to the next beacon, activate it. This is a good time to make a manual save. Pass the natural arch you will reach an open space. Here you will find Salamul and three of his Vorcha waiting for you. Salamul is the whole package as he has Health, Armor and Barriers. To make things worst, he will charge directly at you, so focus on him first and deal with the two Blood Pack Troopers and the Blood Pack Boom-Squad after he is gone. Once they are all turned to dust, bypass the Communications Relay to end the Assignment.


How to unlock N7: Blood Pack Communications Relay


Enemies found on N7: Blood Pack Communications Relay

N7: Blood Pack Communications Relay Rewards

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N7: Blood Pack Communications Relay Notes & Tips

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