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N7: Blue Suns Base is an Assignment in Mass Effect 2. N7: Blue Suns Base is is about a distress beacon the Blue Suns mercenaries are using to lure ships into range to be attacked and captured. Assignments are secondary quests in Mass Effect 2, that are not mandatory to progress the game's story, but provide context and flavor by meeting interesting NPCs of all kind of Races, granting additional experience, and letting the player visit extraordinary and unique planets.


N7: Blue Suns Base Walkthrough

Getting Ready

You will be facing Blue Suns mercs, obviously, but also mechs. Specially though is the final battle in which you will be facing two YMIR Mechs simultaneously, and some Blue Suns Mercs. 

AI Hacking can make the final battle easier, so bringing a teammate that can use it, if your Commander Shepard can't, is imperative. Stasis is another good Power to consider. Tali can be a good choice to bring along, specially if she has her Energy Drain Power unlocked. 


The shuttle will be dropped by the Normandy and a Blue Suns mercenary, who sees this, heads inside the facility. Once you regain control, take cover quickly because the Blue Suns plan on giving you a warm welcome. You will face two waves of Enemies consisting of Blue Suns Troopers and  Blue Suns Heavy. Once you defeat the first wave, the second one will arrive almost immediately, it is composed of more Troopers and another Heavy. Keep in mind that if you take too long while fighting the first one, the second wave may join the fight anyway.

When the Enemies are gone, grab the Iridium before reaching the door and then enter the facility.

You will hear a computer voice telling you that the facility is closed due to worker's safety concerns. Below you you will see a big group of Blue Suns Troopers lead by a Blue Suns Commander. The Commander has all three forms of protection, so dealing with him first may be difficult with all the other hostiles attacking you, so try to thin out their numbers before getting nearer to finish them off. 

When you defeat them, head down the ramps and into the room on the right.  You can find a wall safe in the room that contains x1875 credits and a datapad. Once you are done in the side room, head back out to the entrance room and on the opposite wall there will be a reason why the facility was closed. Apparently someone named Phillips, expanded the north mining tunnels into the mess hall, so the facility had to be shut down. 

Head into the mess hall and take cover immediately as the Blue Suns will come out of that expansion. They will storm into the hall, but since you are in cover, they will be much harder to hit. You will be facing only Blue Suns Troopers, so make sure to put them down as quickly as possible. After you defeat them, head into the tunnels.

When you enter the tunnels, you will see a crate of Iridium to your left, grab it and keep moving. When you reach the large cavern, there is more Iridium off to your left and directly ahead of you. Grab all three crates and then access the datapad. Grab the Power Cells near the door. It is advised to save your game BEFORE heading into the next room. 

You will see a short cutscene where you see Narom comes over the PA and the YMIR Mechs activate. Once you regain control, take cover immediately. Focus your squad on one YMIR Mech and when its shields and armor are gone, use AI Hacking as much as possible. The YMIR Mech will turn on its brethren, so help him out and unleash everything you have on the other mech. Once both mechs are down, Blue Suns Mercenaries will swarm the room.  Between the Troopers you will also find Captain Narom. The problem here is the quantity of Troopers and the possibility of being flanked, so don't focus on Captain Narom, try to single and take out as many troopers as possible to prevent them from flanking you. 

Once they are all down, you can find a med-kit on the left side of the room. There is also a Wall safe near there. The room on the right has a computer that you access to read mails to understand how the Blue Suns handled this operation, it's not mandatory to read it but it gives context to what has been happening here. When you are ready, bypass the center door and access the console inside in order to overload the transmitter.  A short cutscene marks the end of the Assignment


How to unlock N7: Blue Suns Base


Enemies found on N7: Blue Suns Base


N7: Blue Suns Base Rewards

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N7: Blue Suns Base Notes & Tips

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