Nanocrystal Shield

Nanocrystal Shield
Type Shield Upgrade
Effect -20% Damage to Shepard's shields.
Cost 25,000 Palladium

Nanocrystal Shield is a Shield Upgrade in Mass Effect 2. Nanocrystal Shield grants -20% Damage to Shepard's shields. When an Armor Upgrade is obtained, it's automatically integrated into the appropriate Armor. Obtain Armor Upgrades in stores and by scanning items on Missions.


Cerberus has achieved limited success in studying geth shield technology. Its scientists don't completely understand why, but it seems geth shields are not as vulnerable to incoming projectiles. A breakthrough is imminent, however, and it is possible to make a modified mass effect field generator that mimics this technology.


Nanocrystal Shield Information

Upgrade Levels: 1

Upgrades: Hard Shields


  • -20% Damage to Shepard's shields.


How to Acquire Nanocrystal Shield

Can be obtained after Unlocking 3 Ablative VI upgrades.


Notes and tips

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