New Weapons in Mass Effect 2 grants you new Heavy Weapons. This class of weapon delivers incredible firepower, but ammo is very limited. You must constantly seek out power cells to replenish Heavy Weapons' ammo. You can obtain New Weapons in stores and by scanning items on Missions.

When you purchase a research project, you must pay the specified amount of rare resources. You then gain the upgrade described in the research project, and the upgrade moves to the "Upgrade" section of the research Terminal



All New Weapons Upgrades In Mass Effect 2


ML-77 Missile Launcher
Heavy Weapon Rapid-fire missile launcher with seeking projectiles. Effective against armor, shields, and biotic barriers. 5,000 Iridium Unlocked after 1 Microfusion Array upgrade.

M-622 Avalanche
Heavy Weapon This proof-of-concept large weapon technology is effective against armor, shields, and biotic barriers. It is nicknamed the "Cryo-Blaster". 15,000 Iridium Unlocked after 2 Microfusion Array upgrades

M-920 Cain
Heavy Weapon Inflicts high damage with a large area of effect. Very effective against armor, shields, and barriers. 25,000 Iridium Unlocked after 3 Microfusion Array upgrades.


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