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Overlord (Assignment) is an Assignment in Mass Effect 2. Overlord (Assignment) is about investigating a Cerberus station on the planet Aite that has gone off the grid. Assignments are secondary quests in Mass Effect 2, that are not mandatory to progress the game's story, but provide context and flavor by meeting interesting NPCs of all kind of Races, granting additional experience, and letting the player visit extraordinary and unique planets.


Overlord (Assignment) Walkthrough

Once you arrive at the planet, the Normandy drops the Hammerhead, which lands on a pad located near the facility. You will be contacted by Dr. Archer after landing,  who will give you a brief rundown of the situation. They are facing a possible VI breakout. He needs you to retract the transmission dish before the VI uploads its program off-planet. 

Before entering the facility, head down the ramp next to the Hammerhead to retrieve x1000 Palladium. When you come back up, head to your right, all the way across the pad you will find some Power Cells.

Run across the pad and enter the door. Once inside, an announcement says that you must check in with security in order to be logged in to the facility and have your Weapons checked, but you'll realize that there's no one left to do that. Head down the ramps, and as you reach the bottom, Dr. Archer will appear on a monitor.

He explains that he has locked himself in a computer room on the far side of the facility. The place is crawling with Geth and the VI has seized control of them. Head to the security desk. You will find a cracked window to your left, shoot it to shatter it. You will find a Cerberus terminal containing x1125 Credits, a medical station and a log from Archer. Head out of the room, then move to the door to the right. Inside you will find another log from Archer and the dish controls, that will enable to retract the dish.

Once the dish is fully retracted, you will hear two voices. A standard computer voice stating system error and the Rogue VI, which says something that seems to be Geth communications. Archers comes over and states that the VI has overridden the controls and is still trying to beam itself off planet. He states that you need to destroy the antenna inside the dish, so he directs you to a tram on the lower level. The door heading back to the pad locks, so head to the other door and proceed.

While you are moving to the tram, the VI comes over the PA and once again repeats the unintelligible voice. The computer points that Geth activity has been detected. When you reach the first landing, you can find a PDA that can be looted for x525 Credits. Keep heading down and open the door at the end of the passage.

You will emerge at the facility's mess hall. You will find many Geth in the room. Geth Troopers, Geth Destroyers and Geth Rocket Troopers are there, so take cover near the door. Take them out, and more Geth will approach. The same time of the ones you destroyed. The Troopers however, will enter from the second level, so take cover accordingly.

Once they are all down, head across the room to access a café register to obtain x450 credits and some Medi-Gel from the medical station. You can obtain some Power Cells from the back room of the kitchen. Head to the upper level, to the right you will find a door, go through it. You will find another one of Archer's logs and a wall safe containing x1125 Credits. 

Head out and walk across the upper level, get into cover. Again the same types of Geth will appear. Geth Troopers, Geth Rocket Troopers and two Geth Destroyers. Take them out. Once you defeated them all, head through the door and inside is what appears to be a waiting area, with some strange music. You can find more Medi-Gel here and some spare parts that can be looted for x525 Credits. Grab them before moving on. This is a good time to manually save your game, and then take the tram.

Archer comes over the comm stating that the VI is aligning the dish manually and has a clear transmission range at the orbiting satellite and it's going to be tight. However, that's not true, you have no time limit to pressure you during this section, this is just to give context to what is happening in the game. Take your time while exploring and fighting.

Head outside the tram once it stops and go towards the antenna. You will see a series of mezzanine catwalks ahead. As you move forward on the catwalk there will be a set of steps downward into a room that contains some power cells. Note that you can return to this area later, at least until you enter the very bowl of the satellite dish, so if you don't need Heavy Weapon ammo right now, you can save it for later.

Past the first step downwards, you will find a Geth Destroyer and two Geth Troopers that appear as you move forward along the catwalk. Take them out quickly, if things complicate, move backwards into cover. After you defeat the Geth, as you continue forward on the catwalk there is a second set of steps downward into a room containing x1000 Palladium, a medical station with Medi-Gel and another log.

Head back out, you will hear the computer again through the PA stating that satellite broadcast window is opening soon, so no time to waste. Head to a terminal to extend the walkway into the dish and enter it. When you are about to reach the floor, you will be facing more Geth. This time Geth Troopers and Geth Rocket Troopers from the left. Get into cover to face them. When they are down, head to the door and bypass it. Get ready because a hard fight is coming now.

Once you enter the base of the dish, head just a bit to your right and get into cover ASAP, because there will be more Geth incoming. The first group you will face has a Geth Hunter, so focus on it first. There is plenty of cover here, but for now don't venture too far from the entrance, because it may trigger additional waves of Geth before you have finished the first one. Advance gradually across the room to trigger the minimum number of Geth at any one time.

The next wave includes a Geth Destroyer, don't let it get close to you. Keep to cover as much as possible and watch your flanks. As you approach the far side of the room, a Geth Prime will appear. Make taking it down your main priority now.

Once the Geth are down, head up to the catwalks to destroy the dish. When you get to the dish itself, Archer will come over the comm and say that you need to take out the support struts. You will need to destroy three of the four capacitors that are around the edge of the dish. Move up to one of the capacitors, which resemble fuel tanks, and access the terminal to lower its defenses. 

Once you open the first capacitor, shoot the tank and get to cover ASAP because the VI will send six Geth Rocket Troopers to try to prevent the destruction of the dish. The trigger for the Enemies to spawn is exposing the capacitors, so if you try to expose multiple capacitors before destroying them is not the brightest plan, because you will be overwhelmed by Geth easily. It is important to note that the Geth Plasma Shotgun has no effect at all on the capacitors, so if you are using that Weapon consider switching to a different one.

You don't need to kill any Geth to make it through this section, you only need to destroy three of the four capacitors to trigger the end of the Assignment cutscene. Obviously, the more Geth around, the more difficult and dangerous shooting the capacitors will be. 

As soon as you expose the second capacitor, a second wave of Geth will spawn, so be careful. As soon as you manage to destroy the third capacitor, the combat ends instantly and you are treated to a cutscene where you and your Companions are watching the destruction unfold when it quickly becomes apparent that the dish is about to collapse.  

You order a hasty retreat and the squad runs for it, jumps and manages to land safely on the catwalks surround the dish, just in time to see it crumble. You are greeted by Dr. Archer, this time in person, to thank you. 

Dr. Archer explains that this has given you more time and gives you an overview of the project telling you what they were actually doing. They were trying to gain influence over the Geth by interfacing a human mind with a VI, but something went wrong. Archer states that they succeeded, but the VI overpowered the test subject's mind, and has evolved into a virus. You also learn that the test subject is Archer's brother.

He explains to you that the VI has fortified itself in Atlas Station, and you need to override it from the facilities at Prometheus and Vulcan stations. Archer explains that the lockdown procedure was in case of an emergency, and all three mission heads are required to override it. He proceeds to explain the override procedure, but since he is the only one left, he tells you that the other two need to be done manually. He also states that he hopes they don't need to terminate his brother at the end.

Save your game, and head to the Vulcan Station.


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Overlord (Assignment) Notes & Tips

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