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Overlord: Atlas Station is an Assignment in Mass Effect 2. Overlord: Atlas Station is about overriding the lockdown on Prometheus and Vulcan Stations, on AiteAssignments are secondary quests in Mass Effect 2, that are not mandatory to progress the game's story, but provide context and flavor by meeting interesting NPCs of all kind of Races, granting additional experience, and letting the player visit extraordinary and unique planets.


Overlord: Atlas Station Walkthrough

Getting Ready

The combat sections of this Assignment are mostly solo, so the squad you choose won't make much of an impact. It is important to have any of the Ammo Powers available like Armor-Piercing Ammo, Disruptor Ammo, Incendiary Ammo or Warp Ammo.


Once you completed both Overlord: Vulcan Station and Overlord: Prometheus Station, plus the override command Archer executes at Hermes Station, grants you access to Atlas Station. Once you have done so, head there, it is near of the data packets, under the waterfall.

The Hammerhead descends into the station  to a landing pad. Archer comes over the comm and states that the VI is trying to upload itself directly from your location. Head to the server room and stop that. Again, Archer is cut off in midsentence. Head through the door and investigate the damaged equipment to get access to the facility.

Go through the door and enter down the hallway. Keep following the hall, eventually you will reach a door on your left at the bottom of the ramps. Head inside and you will hear another one of Archer's logs. Salvage the computer hardware to obtain x1500 Credits and the med-kit before heading down the ramp.  Head across to call the elevator. Because the elevator has been badly damaged, it can only move so many floors at a time. In this case two.  You are on level seven, to get the elevator there, you have to call the elevator to level four. Walk back up the stairs and use the console there. This will move the elevator three more levels up to level seven.

Get into cover as soon as possible, because the elevator won't come empty. It carries two Geth Troopers and a Geth Prime. Take the troopers before the Prime gets too close, and focus on it. Once they are down, get into the elevator. After some turbulences, the elevator ends up crashing into the bottom of the shaft. Head out and there is yet another one of Archer's logs for you to hear. You can find x1000 Palladium, a hackable computer worth x2250 Credits, and a damaged Geth that once scanned nets you a Heavy Skin Weave Upgrade. Once you have all the items, head down the hallway and after attempting to access the door at the end, the open door shifts to the center door. Inside is the panel to cut all access to the outside world, so use it.

When you access the panel, you realize something's wrong. The virus tampers with your Omni-Tool and cybernetic implants, causing your vision to start to fill up with computer-like visions. You end up dazing and falling to the floor. When you get back up, the door closes behind you, trapping you Companions in the room and leaving you on your own from now on.

You are now inside a bizarre virtual reality in which there are not many different things than the "normal world". The only significant difference is that you can now understand Archer's brother, David. The other thing you have to take into account is that you are by yourself now, so save ammo whenever possible and try to stay in cover as much as possible.

Move down the hallway and take cover at the corner, more Geth are around there, so take them out before they do you any damage. Once they are all down, move to the end of the hallway and to the door on the right. Here, you see what happened to David once he was plugged in and how the first time he communicated with the Geth went. After the green reality goes and the orange returns, look around the room for power cells and x500 Palladium. You can find two more databases in the main room. One shows you Archer and David conversing before David was hooked up and the second one, shows a scene in which David is first seen interacting with the Geth.

When you are ready, shoot out the Geth hub with three attached Geth Troopers in the next room. Jump over the wall when they are down to grab the med-kit and x2250 Credits. Head out into the corridor and stick to one side, the one with cover if possible. At the end, you will find a VI control node, shoot it, and follow it and keep shooting until it blows up.

In the room at the end of the hallway, you can find a computer that allows elevator access. Activate it, and prepare to face another Geth Hunter coming along with two Geth Rocket Troopers. So get into cover before they appear. If you are having trouble, note that none of the Geth can head into the hallway, if you stay there, you can deal with them easier than if you stay in the elevator room. 

Once you are finished with the Geth, you can loot some Power Cells from the room, some hardwave that nets you x1500 Credits and x500 more Palladium. This is the last moment you can save, so do it. Collect anything your need and enter the elevator.

When you reach the bottom, you see the scene where David is first hooked up, but this time he has now detected the Normandy in orbit and is attempting to upload himself to your ship.

The battle with David ensues, and it has two distinct and alternating phases. In the first phase, you will see one or more VI control nodes "climbing" the cables. There will be one node the first time, two the second and three after that. You must shoot them in order to prevent them from advancing the upload progress, which will be displayed in the bottom-right corner of the screen. If any node reaches the end of the cable, the upload percentage will rise. As you might have guessed, if the bar reaches 100%, then it's a critical mission failure. Keep in mind that during the second and subsequent repetitions of this phase, David will also call Geth to aid him, emerging from green digital portals, so stick to cover when necessary.

The second phase, when all the VI control nodes are down, any remaining Geth are automatically destroyed and his shield temporarily collapses. This allows you to deal as much damage as possible for a brief time. After a little while, the shield returns. You will have a small window to gather ammo and get to cover before more VI control nodes and Geth reappear.

When the core is finally destroyed, the virtual reality goes away. You are treated to a perturbing sight of David. In the core, tied up to tubes in his arms and mouth, his eyes stretched open by machines, begging for help. Archer makes an appearance and argues with you about keeping the experiment going. While chatting, Archer seems to come to his senses, but still insists you leave his brother with him. David, on the other hand, just wants this nightmare to end. Now it's time to make your decision.


You decide to take David to the Jon Grissom Academy, a place where he can be helped recover from this nightmare. Archer pulls a gun and shoots you, however you manage to dodge it. Then you pull up a gun to his face. You can execute a Paragon Interrupt that allows you to pistol-whip Archer.


You choose to leave David with Archer, you still get to punch the doctor and tell him the only reason he gets to survive is because his research may prevent war with the Geth.

 After your decision is made, you get in touch with Joker to coordinate a pickup.


How to unlock Overlord: Atlas Station


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Overlord: Atlas Station Notes & Tips

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