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x2000 Platinum

Overlord: Prometheus Station is an Assignment in Mass Effect 2. Overlord: Prometheus Station is is about activating the override control to deal with the lockdown at Atlas Station. Assignments are secondary quests in Mass Effect 2, that are not mandatory to progress the game's story, but provide context and flavor by meeting interesting NPCs of all kind of Races, granting additional experience, and letting the player visit extraordinary and unique planets.


Overlord: Prometheus Station Walkthrough

Getting Ready

The Powers that have been working along the whole Overlord DLC Assignments can be used again here. Overload, AI Hacking, Disruptor Ammo and Energy Drain are great Powers to bring along.


You will find a data packet to your right as you exit Vulcan Station. You will find another one below the rock bridges you crossed to get to Vulcan Station. However, this one is guarded by two YMIR Mechs. Once they are down, head back up and out.

After you cross the rock bridges, there is a path up to the left, if you follow it you will reach another packet, this time, guarded by two turrets. Take down the turrets and grab the package. After that turn around and head left. You will approach a fork on the road, take the left path. You will find another outpost here, guarded by two more turrets. Take them out and you will find another package here.

In the center of the clearing, there is a waterfall, with a metal ramp behind it. Take the ramp up to grab the package. Directly across the ramp from the last package, head across the clearing, and out to a raised rocky plateau, you will find two more turrets and the last data package.

Now you can follow the arrows to Prometheus Station.

Archer will come over the comm explaining that the station is a crashed Geth ship that they used for their subjects in their experiments. He also states that the VI probably raised the ship's shields to prevent entry.

Archer's assumption becomes true, and you see a shield similar to the one on Kopis once you get close enough. This time, the generators are also shielded, and to complicate things further, the VI has taken control of the ship's main cannons and won't hesitate to use them against you. However, you can use this to your advantage. If you manage to trick the main cannons, you may be able to use them to destroy the shields of the generators. Just evade the red lines on the ground, because that's the cannons targeting system. 

Once you manage to take down all four generators, attack the cannon, but don't stop, always stay on the move to avoid its powerful attacks. When you are done with the Main cannons, you can find x1200 Platinum near one of the former generator sites. There is also x800 Platinum near the door that leads you to the inside of the ship, grab it and enter the Geth ship.

Once you enter, the computer will tell you a few warning about what to expect here. Move across the entryway and open the door. This next room resembles a cargo hold, you will see a Geth Prime housed inside a shield in the center. Access the research log in the room and then proceed up the ramps. You will find some salvageable lab equipment that grants you x375 Credits and another log. While you are walking down the hall, the VI appears on the window and the ship shakes violently. You will find a med-kit and another log at the other end of the hallway.  Once you grab them, head through the door and down the ramp. 

At the moment you emerge, the door in front of you closes and locks, so first salvage some equipment to obtain x525 Credits and then head to the right. As you walk down the hall, the VI makes another appearance and shuts down another door, so keep going and a door on the right will be your only way out. Head down a second ramp and open the door at the bottom to another hallway. You can salvage some equipment x375 Credits if you jump over the barricades to your right. After this, head left and down the hall. Halfway down, you will find another log. While you are getting close to  the door at the end of the passage, the ship will shake once again.

You will find yet another log, this one details what happened after the VI went rogue. Continue on to the door at the other end of the room. You will find the next room partially flooded with water. The next room is very large and is the command center of the station. The Hammerhead's VI will come over the comm saying that the objective is located on the other side of the impasse. You need to solve a puzzle in order to reach it. Head up to the upper level to begin to solve the puzzle. Before heading to the control station, there is a platform on the upper right that you have to move other platforms to reach, in order to loot a Med-kit, a laptop that nets you x600 Credits and some Power Cells. 

Now head to solve the puzzle. This puzzle is not really a puzzle where you have to meet some requirement like moving out something, but that you are moving real platforms on the floor, thus creating and deleting pathways. Just try to connect your place to the top end.

If you want the most efficient solution, here it is:

  • The middle piece begins selected - move it up one space.
  • Select the small left piece, and move it right one space, and up one another space.
  • Go activate the control station, then come back.
  • Select the long right piece, move it right one space.
  • Select the other small piece that's still movable, move it right, up, then right.
  • Go get the stuff in the cache

Head across the new bridge and into the station's commander center. Don't access the override sequence yet, grab the second med-kit located in this section and hack the laptop to gain x1875 Credits. Now activate the override system, this angries the VI and will activate more Geth to fight you.

Run down the flooded hallway and into the first room. Take cover by the door and start returning fire. You can use the left cover to take the attackers on the left side of the room. A Geth Hunter will be among so keep that in mind. Geth Rocket Troopers will be on the second floor, try to stay out of sight from them as much as possible. Then head up to the ramp and onto the second floor. Cross the bridge and find cover. You will find a few Geth Troopers and another Geth Hunter here. Deal with them.

As you cross the bridge, you will encounter a Geth Destroyer. Focus on it before it gets too close as it can be lethal up close. When all the Geth are gone, move on. Head down the ramp and back into the hallway. Take cover again to face more Geth., but since the hallway is narrow it shouldn't be too difficult to corral them. Keep in mind that there are two Geth Hunters, so try to focus on them if possible. Now head through the door and up the ramp. The next hallway is similar to the first one, just repeat your previous strategy, take cover and shoot any Geth that appears. Head through the door and up the ramp, this will lead you to the final hallway. Before opening the door, it is advised to save your game. Once you are ready, open the door.

You will see the Geth Prime that you saw previously trapped inside a shield bubble, awake and patrolling the area along with many other Geth. Enter the room and find cover as fast as possible. It is advised to focus on the smaller Geth, and then focus on the Geth Prime. Once they are all down, get out the facility to board the Hammerhead.

How to unlock Overlord: Prometheus Station


Enemies found on Overlord: Prometheus Station


Overlord: Prometheus Station Rewards

  • Experience Points
  • Credits
  • x2000 Platinum


Overlord: Prometheus Station Notes & Tips

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