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Project Firewalker: Survey Sites Located is an Assignment in Mass Effect 2. Project Firewalker: Survey Sites Located is about recovering artifacts used by Dr. Cayce to run tests, from the planet's surface.. Assignments are secondary quests in Mass Effect 2, that are not mandatory to progress the game's story, but provide context and flavor by meeting interesting NPCs of all kind of Races, granting additional experience, and letting the player visit extraordinary and unique planets.


Project Firewalker: Survey Sites Located Walkthrough

The first thing you will see after being dropped down by the Normandy is a Geth Colossus activating and standing up. You have to scan five sites on this planet to acquire the needed information:

First Site

Just after you land, you will find a squad of Geth Troopers up ahead. You should have no trouble to eliminate them with the main gun of the Hammerhead. Once the troopers are gone, move up to where the first location is. The Geth Colossus is guarding the site accompanied by three Geth Troopers

Deal with them and once they are down, scan the site and move on.

Second Site

Head around the corner and you will see two Geth Troopers in the distance. defeat them and keep moving up. While you approach the cliff, you will see acid, if you touch it, it will destroy the Hammerhead almost instantly, so stay away from it. 

Get onto the rock islands. On the one of the left, you can get x1250 Platinum. Head to the site to face a Geth Destroyer, a Geth Colossus and two Geth Troopers. Once they are done, scan the site. 

Third Site

Use the jets to get over to the island and up to the metal ship hulk. Now you have two options in order to reach the third site:

  • Left up the ramps and through the tunnels.
  • Right using the jets to get up to the platform.

It doesn't make any difference which path you take, because you will end up at the same place. When you approach the site, you will see a Geth Dropship will deploy a Geth Colossus, two Geth Destroyers and two Geth Troopers. Once they are down, head to the artifact and collect it.

Fourth Site

To get to the fourth site, you can either use the ramp or you can use some debris in the middle of the battlefield. Once you are up, there is more acid so be careful. Once the acid pool is left behind, you can obtain x1250 Platinum from the first platform on the left. 

When you get to the second platform, you come across two paths, one to the and one to the right. The path you take determines where you start the upcoming fight. If you are more into range, take the left path; however, if you prefer getting up close and personal, take the right one.

Once you get close enough, you will find another dropship that deploys a Geth Colossus, a Geth Destroyer and a Geth Prime. Collect the fourth artifact after defeating them.

Fifth Site

Once you have collected the artifact, your best option is to go up the ship hulk that divided the previous battlefield. You will be greeted by three Rocket Drones once you are about halfway up. Once you defeat them, use the jets to get to the elevated platform, you can find x1250 Platinum from a scan site.

You should see the fifth site from here. Use the jets to get to the first platform. When you get close enough to the ledge, it trigger the Geth dropship. You will find one Geth Colossus, two Geth Primes and two Geth Destroyers

Once you defeat them, there is a path to the right that leads to another site of Platinum, and then grab the artifact, ending the Assignment.


How to unlock Project Firewalker: Survey Sites Located


Enemies found on Project Firewalker: Survey Sites Located

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Project Firewalker: Survey Sites Located Notes & Tips

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