Ratch's Wares

Location Tuchanka

Ratch's Wares is a Shop in Mass Effect 2. Ratch's Wares can be found at Tuchanka and is serviced by Ratch. Ratch's Wares offers Weapon Upgrades and customization pieces. Shops on galactic hub worlds are an excellent way of acquiring Upgrades.


Ratch's Wares Information

  • Offers Weapon Upgrades and customization pieces.
  • Discounts can be acquired by taking down pyjaks with the defense guns. 


Where to find Ratch's Wares


Ratch's Wares Services

Heavy Weapon Ammo
30,000 - 25,000
Heavy Damping Gauntlets

4,000 - 3,333

Death Mask

8,000 - 6,666

Asymmetric Defense Layer

8,000 - 6,666

Shield Harness

8,000 - 6,666


Ratch's Wares Notes and Tips

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