Race Asari
Health 200
Shield 250
Weapon Proficiencies
Submachine Guns
Assault Rifles
Powers Throw
Asari Justicar

Samara is a Companion or potencial Companion for Mass Effect 2. Samara can fight alongside Commander Shepard. Samara has the following proficiencies: Submachine Guns and Assault Rifles; and the following Powers: Throw, Pull, Asari Justicar and Reave.


Samara Information

Samara is a thousand years old Asari. She is a member of the justicar, an antient order that follows a very strict honor code. Samara had three daughters, but discovered they were "Ardat-Yakshi", a rare genetic condition that made them kill their mates by overpowering their brains during mating. The code gives the Ardat-Yakshi the choice to live in isolation or be executed. Two of Samara's daughters accepted isolation, but the other one, Morinth, didn't accept isolation nor execution, and escaped.


Samara Proficiencies

Samara has the following proficiencies:


Samara Powers

Samara has the following Powers.


How to get Samara

After completing Horizon, the Illusive Man will give Shepard the Dorrier: The Justicar. By completing it, Samara will join the squad.


Samara Loyalty Mission

The requirements to unlock Samara: The Ardat-Yakshi (Samara's Loyalty Mission) are:

  • Recruited Samara
  • Many conversations with Samara

Kelly Chambers will tell Shepard that Samara needs to speak with them. Samara tells Shepard she found the person she has been targeting for the past 400 years, and reveals it was her daughter, Morinth. She asks Shepard help, Shepard agrees to go as bait. During the mission Morinth realizes of Samara's plan but Samara appears in the scene just in time. They both fight each other and Shepard has to pick a side. If Shepard chooses Samara's side, Morinth will be killed and Shepard will gain Samara's loyalty.


Notes and tips

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