Saronis Applications

Location Citadel

Saronis Applications is a Shop in Mass Effect 2. Saronis Applications can be found at Citadel and is serviced by Marab. Saronis Applications offers items that boot both your Tech Damage and Damage Protection. Shops on galactic hub worlds are an excellent way of acquiring Upgrades.


Saronis Applications Information

  • Here you can acquire items that improve your Tech Damage and Damage Protection
  • Discounts can be obtained after persuading the owner


Where to find Saronis Applications

  • Can be found at: Citadel Zakera Ward's Mid-Wards District on the 26th level.


Saronis Applications Services

Tech Damage
90,000 - 75,000
Damage Protection

90,000 - 75,000


Saronis Applications Notes and Tips

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