Shadow Broker

Health Not Revealed
Armor High
Shield High
Related Mission Lair of the Shadow Broker (Mission)
Location Hagalaz

Shadow Broker is a Boss in Mass Effect 2. Shadow Broker is a special enemy that may require special tactics and strategy to be defeated. Shadow Broker will be encountered on the following Missions: Lair of the Shadow Broker (Mission). Bosses in Mass Effect 2 have larger health pools and can deliver devastating attacks.


Shadow Broker Information

After a long investigation done by Liara T'Soni and helped by Commander Shepard, the Shadow Broker is finally confronted and at the same time it is revealed that he's a Yahg, a pre-spaceflight race. The Shadow Broker will knock out one of Commander Shepard's squad members, leaving Shepard and Liara to fight him.


Shadow Broker Stats

  • Health: Not Revealed
  • Armor: High
  • Shield: High


How to beat Shadow Broker

Shadow Broker Boss Guide:

Shadow Broker's battle goes through stages.

On Stage 1, Shadow Broker will only attack with his M-76 Revenant, and some melee attacks if Commander Shepard is close.

When Shadow Broker's shields and armor are depleted, the Stage 2 will begin with a short cinematic, and now he will have a kineticly sensitive shield that must be taken out with a melee attack. The first time Shepard melee attacks him, will trigger another short cinametic where Shadow Broker will draw an impenetrable shield.

After depleting his shields and armor again, another cinematic will show up where the protagonists defeat the Shadow Broker.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
(Stage One) Shadow Broker will shoot his M-76 Revenant. Shadow Broker is big, and has no cover, and he is very exposed in a very big room. So he is an easy target. Disruptor Ammo and Overload will take down his shield very quickly. Incendiary Ammo will take down his armor Quickly. (Also Incinerate and Warp)
(Stage Two) He will deploy a kinetic shield and remain still. This will require a melee attack to make him quit this state of invulerability to weapons. Keep in mind that by doing this, Shadow Broker will then have a shield, and he will be at a very short distance.
Melee Attack (Stage one and two). If he has a shield he will also melee you with a shield if you are close enough for enough time. It is posible and sometimes required to attack him from a very short distance, this will trigger his melee attacks. By taking a few steps back before he hits you, his melee won't be at range and he will miss. This can be triggered on purpose to give you a short window of time to shoot at him while he is doing the melee attack animation.
(Stage two) Omni-Shield: Shadow Broker has a big body and his shield does not protect him very well. It will protect mainly his left side. If you trigger his melee animation and keep pivoting around him to your left while dodging his attacks, his animation will expose him and his shield won't cover him from you. He also loses Onmi-Shield cover when he receives damage, when he makes an animation expressing that he is in pain.



Shadow Broker Related Mission:


Shadow Broker Location

Shadow Broker can be found at:


Notes & Tips

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