Shield Harmonics

Shield Harmonics
Type Medical Upgrade
Effect Unity restores squad member shields to full strength.
Cost 25,000 Platinum

Shield Harmonics is a Medical Upgrade in Mass Effect 2. Shield Harmonics restores squad member shields to full strength. When an Armor Upgrade is obtained, it's automatically integrated into the appropriate Armor. Obtain Armor Upgrades in stores and by scanning items on Missions.


Shield emitters are optimized to produce a strong reliable kinetic barrier that can be active for hours. Because of the potential for interference, it is nearly impossible to run two active emitters simultaneously. When one kinetic barrier is down, it's possible to activate a second, but this will generally interfere with the reactivation of the primary barrier. With precise timing, a short-term kinetic barrier can be made that seamlessly retracts when the primary barrier regenerates.


Shield Harmonics Information

Upgrade Levels: 1

Upgrades: Emergency Shielding


  • Unity restores squad member shields to full strength.


How to Acquire Shield Harmonics

Can be obtained after Unlocking 3 Microscanner upgrades.


Notes and tips

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