Squad Member Upgrades in Mass Effect 2 can be used to improve and customize our Squad MembersUpgrades are single-use items that are immediately applied when they are researched or purchased from vendors.

When you purchase a research project, you must pay the specified amount of rare resources. You then gain the upgrade described in the research project, and the upgrade moves to the "Upgrade" section of the research Terminal.

Upgrades tied to squadmates are also unlocked after completing their loyalty mission, regardless of whether their loyalty is gained.



All Squad Member Upgrades In Mass Effect 2

Squad Member
Upgrade Lvl
Research Cost

Cyclonic Particles
Geth Shield Strength Legion +25% Shields for squadmates with geth shield technology. 2 2,500/5,000 Platinum N/A

Microfiber Weave (Grunt)
Krogan Vitality Grunt +25% Health for krogan squadmates. 2 2,500/5,000 Platinum N/A

Multicore Implants
Subject Zero Power Boost Jack Jack gets +20% biotic damage. 1 3,000 Element Zero Unlocked by asking Jack about Normandy Upgrades (using "Investigate").

Custom Tech Upgrade
Mordin Tech Damage Mordin Mordin gets +20% tech damage. 1 3,000 Element Zero Unlocked by asking Mordin about Normandy Upgrades (using "Investigate").

Custom Claymore
Krogan Shotgun Grunt Grunt gets a Claymore Heavy Shotgun 1 15,000 Platinum Unlocked by asking Grunt about Normandy Upgrades (using "Investigate").

Custom Widow Rifle
Geth Sniper Rifle Legion Legion gets a Widow Anti-Material Rifle 1 15,000 Platinum Unlocked by completing Legion: A House Divided mission. It can also be unlocked by asking Legion about Normandy Upgrades (using "Investigate") but this can only be done after Legion: A House Divided mission is complete anyway due to how Legion's conversations progress.



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