Stop the Collectors: Assemble a Team is a Mission in Mass Effect 2Stop the Collectors: Assemble a Team is the third main Mission of Mass Effect 2. Missions in Mass Effect 2 need to be completed in order to progress the story forward, and unravel the mysteries about the Reapers.



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Full Stop the Collectors: Assemble a Team Walkthrough


Getting Ready

After completing Freedom's Progress you will earn Stop the Collectors: Assemble a Team automatically.

This Mission can be considered the Main plot of Mass Effect 2, and is updated many times throughout the course of the game and features a different subtitle once it is updated. For organization purposes, we will divide it into different parts as it gets updated.


After completing Freedom's Progress and learning about the threat the Collectors pose for the whole galaxy, Commander Shepard will be determined to bring the fight right to their base doors on the other side of the Omega 4 Relay

You will have a meeting with the Illusive Man, where you share the team's findings regarding the involvement of the Collectors as responsible for the mass abductions of human colonies. This information confirms the Illusive Man's previous suspicions. 

Although Commander Shepard was previously reluctant to work for Cerberus, understands that the Collectors must be stopped no matter the cost, so is decided to be involved in Cerberus' effort to oppose them.

The Illusive Man believes that now is the best moment to start building a team to face the new threat, and hands Commander Shepard a list of possible recruits to consider, besides the allegiances of Miranda Lawson and Jacob Taylor. These recruits are:

if you also have their respective DLCS, you can also have access to:

Besides this, both Commander Shepard and the Illusive Man discuss the involvement of the Citadel Council on the matter. This decision is left for you to decide.

Once the conversation ends, this part of the meeting is considered completed when you have recruited what the game considers a sufficient core team (by completing the first four Dossier Missions), and then leads to Horizon.




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