Stop the Reapers: Acquire Reaper IFF is a Mission in Mass Effect 2Stop the Reapers: Acquire Reaper IFF is about obtaining the IFF device from a . Missions in Mass Effect 2 need to be completed in order to progress the story forward, and unravel the mysteries about the Reapers.



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Full Stop the Reapers: Acquire Reaper IFF Walkthrough

Getting Ready

After completing the Collector Ship, you will learn the location of a Derelict Reaper, from the Illusive Man. He already sent a Cerberus Science team to investigate it, in order to obtain its IFF. However, the science team has not been reporting for a while.

Keep in mind that after completing this Mission, a countdown will begin. If you want to optimize the outcomes for the Normandy's crew, you should strongly consider delaying this Mission until all currently available recruitment and loyalty Mission are completed.

You will be dealing Husks mostly, but also Scions and Abominations. So, try to bring equipment that is effective against armor. 


Travel to Mnemosyne, located in the Thorne system, within the Hawking Eta cluster. You will find the Derelict Reaper, orbiting it.

You will be in a Cerberus Ship. On the left, there is a small laboratory. Enter to obtain x2000 Credits from a Wall Safe, x2000 from a terminal, another Wall safe that contains x4000 Credits, and also a work log.  

Dr. Chandana is the leader of the Cerberus research team and his log indicates the beginning of Reaper Indoctrination of his team. You will find two medical stations containing two Medi-Gel at the end of the hallway. There is also another Work Log by a Cerberus scientist. 

Go through the airlock into the Reaper itself, and it will activate its kinetic barriers. Joker will come over the radio stating that the Normandy cannot retrieve you and the crew until the barriers come down. EDI suggests that destroying the mass effect core, should remove the barriers, but it also powers the mass effect fields that prevent the Reaper from falling into the brown dwarf.

Once in the interior of the Reaper, you will find another log that details a conversation between a Scientist and a researcher, suspiciously remembering the same memory. After you pass by an explosive crate, you will be greeted by Husks and an Abomination. You can go back and wait until the Husks are nearby the crates to blow them up and deal massive damage. 

You will find many explosive crates or containers during this level, so use them wisely. Remember that using Overload on an explosive crate, produces a larger blast than just shooting it.

Once they are down, move up to the next set of crates and be prepared for another fight. Use the tactics mentioned before to deal with the Husks After they are down, your teammates will comment that Husks must be made from Reaper Technology, not Geth, as you used to believe.

You will find another work log, between two Cerberus operatives, that discuss if the Reaper is really dead. 

Keep going down the hallway, and you will hear an unknown party shooting Husks. At the end of the hallway, you will find some goods. To the right there are some Power Cells, a crate of refined Platinum containing x2000 Platinum, a terminal containing x3500 Credits and a Cerberus Rifle that grants you a Sniper Rifle Damage Upgrade.

Now turn left to head into a more open area. Don't move too far in yet, take your time to locate the explosive items, the available cover and the location of thermal clips. Once you are ready, move in and waves of Husks and Abominations attack. The final wave also adds a Scion. If things get too complicated, you can always retreat back to the walkway.

After the fight, head to the other end of the room. You can find some Medi-Gel, and a research terminal that can be hacked, if you do hack it, you will earn the Heavy Skin Weave upgrade.

You will find another work log here, that in a way states that the Reaper is not really dead as it can exercise an influence over them. After this, head to the airlock bypass the door, and enter the next area. 

A cutscene starts. You see a Geth, that kills several Husks with its Sniper Rifle, recognizes you as "Shepard-Commander" and leaves.

This strange moment is interrupted by the arrival of more Husks and Abominations. Defeat them. Put your squad into cover and walk down the stairs. The moment you past the crate in the center, there will be Husks, an Abomination and another Scion

Once the Enemies are gone, go up the stairs at the other end. You will find a Medi-Gel to the left, and a terminal that contains x3000 Credits. Keep moving carefully, because heading too far, will spawn more Husks and another Abomination. Once you deal with them, loot another terminal to obtain x3500 Credits. Now head down the stairs to find more Husks, more Abominations and a Scion. You can use the stairs as a choke point, to deal with them easily. You can find a Medi-Gel on the staircase, once you finish with them. At the bottom of the stairs, around the corner, you will find a Cerberus Shotgun that can be scanned to obtain a Shotgun Damage upgrade and some Power Cells. Then, you can find a Terminal that can be looted for x3500 Credits and a bunch of thermal clips. 

The next battle will bring more Husks, more Abominations and two Scions. Stay back and use specialized ammunition, Powers and Shotguns for close up damage if needed. If it gets complicated, retreat to the previous area, where only a few Enemies will approach you.

Once they are all down, continue moving slowly. When you reach a left turn, there will be more combat. Husks, Abominations and two more Scions will come crawling. Take them out.

Pick up the Power Cells, and a little further, near the doorway you will find a Medi-Gel. Now bypass the door to enter another airlock. You will find a wall safe containing x2500 Credits. and the Reaper IFF. This is a good saving point.

A cutscene plays, in which you will see the Geth Sniper from before manipulating some controls. It drops a barrier and allows the team inside. However, your new-found ally, will be overcome by Husks.

Your objective is to destroy the Reaper Core. It behaves more or less  like an eye, and once it is closed you can't do any damage to it. It closes for around 30-45 seconds in length. While it remains closed, waves of Husks and Abominations will attack you, and will keep respawning while the core remains closed. 

Keep in mind that when the core is open, Enemies do not spawn and your teammates will revive when the core is open and all Enemies are dead. There is also important to note that there's a Laptop that contains x1000 Credits on the left side of the table. You can only loot it during the battle, because once it's all over there will be no opportunity to do it.

Once the battle is over, a cutscene is played. The party will debate what to do with the fallen Geth, but Commander Shepard decides to take it with them. Joker brings the Normandy alongside the fallen Reaper, and all of you escape while being pursued by a horde of Husks.

Miranda Lawson states that the Geth is abeing stored in EDI's AI Core. You will find her and Jacob Taylor discuss the situation with the Geth. Jacob wants to toss it out the airlock and Miranda wants to give it to Cerberus. You can decide to talk to the Geth, to gain 20 Paragon Points. Or alternatively, you can decide to hand the Geth over to Cerberus to obtain x50,000 Credits and 20 Renegade Points. Doing this will lock you out permanently from obtaining Legion as a party member.



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