Tela Vasir

Health Very High
Armor Very High
Barrier Very High
Related Mission Lair of the Shadow Broker (Mission)
Location Illium

Tela Vasir is a Boss in Mass Effect 2. Tela Vasir is a special enemy that may require special tactics and strategy to be defeated. Tela Vasir will be encountered on the following Missions: Lair of the Shadow Broker (Mission). Bosses in Mass Effect 2 have larger health pools and can deliver devastating attacks.


Tela Vasir Information

Tela Vasir is an Asari Spectre, investigates the disappearance of Liara T'Soni. But it is later revealed that Tela Vasir is an agent of the Shadow Broker.


Tela Vasir Stats

  • Health: Very High
  • Armor: Very High
  • Barrier: Very High


How to beat Tela Vasir

Tela Vasir Boss Guide:

Tela Vasir is equipped with an M-15 Vindicator, and has the fowllowing abilities: Shockwave, Charge and Barrier. She will try to keep some distance, because she hasn't got close range attack, so it is recommended to attack her at close range. Tela Vasir is vulnerable to powers while she's charging her attacks. Heavy Weapons are only effective agaisnt her Barrier.

Flashbang Grenade is not effective against her.

If you knock Tela Vasir of the map, the fight will be over instantly.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Charge. She seems to use it as a way to escape. If you have charge too, you can use it as a way to get at close range again every time she uses it to escape. Abilities or weapons that can track moving target may also be recommended because she constantly charges away.
Shockwave. She may take you out of cover with it, and then charge at you. Avoid keeping distance. It's easy to predict because of the animation movement she does for casting it. Liara can also protect you with Stasis.


Tela Vasir Related Mission:


Tela Vasir Location

Tela Vasir can be found at:


Notes & Tips

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