Terminus Weapon and Armor

Release Date January 23, 2010
Price Free on Origin for PC Owners
$1.99 USD for PS3
Included in N7 Complete Arsenal Bundle
Requirements N/A
Included in Pre-Ordered copies Mass Effect 2 from certain retailers
N7 Complete Arsenal Bundle

Terminus Weapon and Armor is a DLC for Mass Effect 2, released on January 23, 2010. Terminus Weapon and Armor was included for PC or Xbox 360 owners who Pre-Ordered Mass Effect 2 from certain retailers, but now it's included in the N7 Complete Arsenal Bundle, or bought individually for $1.99 USD for PlayStation 3. It's free on Origin for PC Owners.. Terminus Weapon and Armor is available for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


Terminus Weapon and Armor Information

The M-490 Blackstorm Singularity gun shoots a slow dark gravity field that attracts enemies into it, once it hits a target, it will stay on that position for a while, and it explodes. Terminus Assault Armor increases Storm Speed, Reserve Ammunition and Shield Strength, it has an air supply to allow the wearer to use in space or extreme conditions. It also disperses heat through the feet into the ground to avoid passive thermal sensors.


Terminus Weapon and Armor Content

This is the content included in Terminus Weapon and Armor.

New Set of Armor

New Weapon


Notes and tips

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