Training Upgrades in Mass Effect 2 can be used to improve your Training Skills. Upgrades are single-use items that are immediately applied when they are researched or purchased from vendors. 

When you purchase a research project, you must pay the specified amount of rare resources. You then gain the upgrade described in the research project, and the upgrade moves to the "Upgrade" section of the research Terminal



All Training Upgrades In Mass Effect 2

Upgrade Lvl
Research Cost
Tactical Mastery
Tactical Mastery
Advanced Training Training Upgrade Through intensive training, Shepard can learn to use a single bonus power. Obtaining more loyal squad members will increase the number of powers available for Shepard. 1 7,500 Element Zero (Per Use) N/A
Tactical Shift
Tactical Shift
Retrain Powers Training Upgrade Retrain powers allows Shepard to re-allocate points to powers. No additional points are granted. 1 3,750 Element Zero (Per Use) N/A



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