Mass Effect Transfer File in Mass Effect 2 is used to continue the story from the original game with all the decisions made and their consequences. There are different methods of Transfering the Save File for the different platforms. Mass Effect: Genesis, an interactive digital comic, also comes as an alternative, for those who have not purchased Mass Effect or simply don't want to play it again to obtain a new save file to transfer, this DLC allows the player to make the important decisions of Mass Effect to create a new save file in 15 or 20 minutes.


Mass Effect Transfer File Information

How to Transfer Save File



PlayStation 3

For Mass Effect 2 PC Version owners, players will have to open the Mass Effect Configuration Utility, which can be accessed by opening the launcher and hitting "Configure" or manually looking for the exe file inside the Mass Effect 2 Game Folder: "...\Mass Effect 2\Binaries\MassEffect2Config.exe" (Not to be confused with Mass Effect 2 Documents folder), once in, then clicking on "Save Files" (on the left) and then clicking on "Copy Mass Effect Save Games".

Note: Mass Effect 2 Game Folder location may depend on the user's operative system (32 or 64 bits), the game platform (Steam, Origin, etc) and the installation folder chosen by the user at the time when they installed the game if it's not default.

At the Browser for Folder, the Mass Effect save folder must be found. It is usually by default in "...\My Documents\Bioware\Mass Effect\Save" (Not to be confused with Mass Effect 2 game folder). After clicking OK, players may now launch Mass Effect 2 and start a new game, the option "Import ME1 Character" should be available, and then a list of available characters from the save files of Mass Effect should be displayed.

Note: The game will scan the save files and will not display the unfinished-game save files.

If none of these methods worked, or if the game was installed on a different PC, the save files should be transferred manually into an arbitrarily named folder that should be created by the user inside Mass Effect 2 game folder and then running the same method with the Mass Effect Configuration Utility except the save file folder will now be the new folder where the save files were transferred to.

For Mass Effect 2 Xbox 360 Version owners, the game must be played on the same hard drive where Mass Effect was completed and saved. Because the file that Mass Effect 2 imports cannot be transferred using the file management tools unless a transfer cable was used. Another option is to transfer the save file right before the final battle and complete it from the transfer destiny location.

For Xbox 360 units that lack hard drives, games saves can be transferred except for the final Mass Effect autosave at the end of the game, so players can transfer a save file close to the end of the game and then replaying it to end the game from the Xbox 360 where Mass Effect 2 will be played. The final autosave file is for some reason not visible and not listed on any device.

For Mass Effect 2 PlayStation 3 Version owners will require Mass Effect: Genesis downloaded for free with Cerberus Network, which comes included in every new copy of Mass Effect 2.

Mass Effect: Genesis is an interactive digital comic of the Mass Effect events and the player can make the same important decision in a short gameplay of 15 to 20 minutes, it will generate a new save file which then can be used to import in Mass Effect 2.

This was the only way to "import" and carry over many important decisions from the first game, until December 2012, when the Mass Effect Trilogy (and the original game as a stand-alone version), was made available to Playstation 3. This allowed to seamlessly play through the trilogy without resorting to Mass Effect: Genesis.


Character and Romance Transfer


Shepard's name (Chosen by the player), gender (Male or Female), background (Colonist, Earthborn or Spacer), and carrer history (Sole Survivor, War Hero, or Ruthless) won't change, but the player may change the class and appearance of their character (To change the appearance of Shepard, a full re-design of the character's loot must be done).

Mass Effect 2 level and ability system is different and cannot be directly transferred from Mass Effect, but the game will still consider the transferred character's level and morality and adapt it to the new Mass Effect 2 system. Higher level will grant greater bonuses when importing. Morality points will grant up to 190 for each Paragon or Renegade. For the "Rich" achievement from Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 will grant 100000 credits.

Level transfer considerations:

  • Level 1 to 49 will grant 1000 XP, 20000 credits, and 2500 of each resource.
  • Level 50 to 59 will grant 2000 XP, 30000 credits, and 5000 of each resource.
  • Level 60 will grant 4000 XP, 50000 credits and 10000 of each resource.


Shepard's romance will be kept and Shepard will be considered to still be in a relationship with them. Shepard can still choose to pursue an additional romance interest with a Mass Effect 2 character.

It is also possible to continue a romance with Liara by downloading the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC, if Liara was romanced in Mass Effect.



Kaidan Alenko & Ashley Williams

  • If Kaidan Alenko was rescued, Ashley Williams will not appear in Mass Effect 2.
  • If Ashley Williams was rescued, Kaidan Alenko will not appear in Mass Effect 2.


  • Sparing Wrex in Mass Effect, will result in him returning to Tuchanka and uniting the Krogan to combat the genophage in Mass Effect 2.
  • Killing Wrex in Mass Effect, will result in Urdnot Wreav becoming the leader of Clan Urdnot.

The face of the Council

  • By saving the Council during the battle with Sovereign in Mass Effect, will result in Shepard being granted an audience with the Council and is given the choice to be reinstated as a Spectre in Mass Effect 2.
  • By not saving the Council during the battle with Sovereign in Mass Effect, Shepard won't be granted any audience with Council, Aliens on the Citadel will show certain rejection against humanity and Avina will behave much more like a fascist, and will notify repeatedly to surrender if approached for arrest in Mass Effect 2.

Note: The nomination of Captain Anderson or Donnel Udina is not included in the save file, so when a character is imported from Mass Effect the player has to tell Miranda if Anderson or Udina was nominated to the Coinocil.

Fist on the Citadel.

  • Sparing Fist in Mass Effect, will result on Shepard finding him at the Afterlife, where Fist will be mad at Shepard for ruining his life in Mass Effect 2.

The Colonists on Feros.

  • If enough colonists survided or Ethan Jeong committed resources to rebuilding the colony in Mass Effect, Shepard will encounter a colonists' representative (it will be Shiala if she survived in Mass Effect) who needs to be set free from a medical contract in Mass Effect 2.

Rachni Queen.

  • Sparing Rachni Queen in Mass Effect, will result on her sending an asari to planet Illium with a message of gratitude in Mass Effect 2.
  • Killing Rachni Queen in Mass Effect, will result on the Galactic Nwes reporting data recovered from Peak 15 in Mass Effect 2.

Gianna Parasini on Noveria.

  • Aiding Gianna in Mass Effect, will result on her to be found on Illium. She will request help again and she will buy the promised beer (If Shepard is male, she will also kiss him) in Mass Effect 2.
  • By ignoring or betraying Gianna in Mass Effect, she will be found on Illium. She will still request help, but male Shepard won't receive any kiss from her in Mass Effect 2.
  • If Gianna died in Mass Effect or if no imported file is used, there will be no assignment in Mass Effect 2.

Garrus Vakarian

  • If Garrus is encouraged to be more Paragon in Mass Effect, Garrus will attempt to rejoin C-Sec and if his plan is questioned during his loyalty mission he'll say that killing Sidonis is his responsability in Mass Effect 2.
  • If Garrus is encouraged to be more Renegade in Mass Effect, Garrus will train to become a Spectre, but he'll say it never worked out and if his plan is questioned during his loyalty mission he'll be confused in Mass Effect 2.

Rana Thanoptis on Virmire


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