Heavy Weapons are one of the Weapon types in Mass Effect 2. If enemy strength is the question, heavy weapons are the answer. This class of weapon delivers incredible firepower, but ammo is very limited. You must constantly seek out power cells to replenish heavy weapons.


All Heavy Weapons in Mass Effect 2



This table only shows the base stats of the Weapons without any upgrade applied. 

Power Cells

ML-77 Missile Launcher
Unknown 15 Effective Effective Effective

M-100 Grenade Launcher
Elanus Risk Control Services 10 Effective Effective Effective

M-451 Firestorm
Systems Alliance 500 Effective Effective Effective

M-490 Blackstorm
Wegner Arms 5 Very Effective Very Effective Very Effective

M-622 Avalanche
Unknown 20 Very Effective Very Effective Very Effective

M-920 Cain
Unknown 100% Very effective Very effective Very effective

Arc Projector
Cerberus 10 Weak Weak Weak

Collector Particle Beam
Collectors 500 Weak Very Effective Very Effective

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